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7 budget-friendly marketing strategies for startups

by Uday Tank

As a startup, we know you are likely to be short of money and need helpful tips to get your company out there.

That’s why we conducted in-depth research to figure out the marketing strategies that are not only known for their instant success, but also won’t throw a hole in your already tight wallet.

Ride with us as we dive deep into the world of startup marketing.

Oh, and did we forget to mention that we’re talking about digital marketing strategies here. Proponents of flyers and posters can look elsewhere (LOL).

Here are 7 budget-friendly marketing strategies for startups:

1. Paid traffic.

Having a website is so cheap and easy these days. So I think your startup shouldn’t have a problem getting one.

Once you have a live site, you can buy web traffic from And Web Traffic to drive visitors to the site. And before you ask, yes, these visitors are real people from various sites of authority on the internet. Usually, most website owners prefer their website traffic to grow organically (on its own). But history has shown us that this often takes forever.

To speed up the process, it is better to buy site traffic from a reliable provider. That way, you can focus on other important aspects of your business while the traffic provider does all the marketing for you.

1. SEO.

You can buy web traffic for your site in the beginning. But you will need a steady stream of website visitors later. People who come to your side of their own accord.

To get these types of visitors, you need to invest in SEO. Since you’re a startup and you probably don’t have to spend a lot on SEO, you will have to do a lot of the work yourself.

Do not worry; it’s not really that complicated. There are millions of guides out there to get you started, especially if you’ve built your website with SEO-friendly builders like Wix and WordPress.

On the whole, invest as much as you can in SEO and DIY in the areas that you think you can do on your own. The more money and effort you put into SEO, the greater your brand’s digital presence. So invest generously.

2. Social Media Marketing.

I’m pretty sure you have a social media account somewhere. Similarly, you can also open some for your startup. To get started, you can set up professional looking LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube pages.

Of course, you can get away with social media marketing without necessarily spending a dime. But it’s always best to invest a few dollars in increasing results.

For starters, you can invest in paid advertising on major channels like Facebook and Instagram. This will show your brand to people who might be interested in you. On top of that, investing in social media influencers is also a smart idea. Most influencers with between 10,000 and 30,000 followers shouldn’t cost you more than $ 100. But the notoriety they give your brand will be worth more than the money.

3. Email Marketing.

I purposely put this incredibly effective strategy fourth on the list because its success depends on it. EMAIL LIST!

Before you can get the most out of an email marketing campaign, you first need a well-curated email list – a contact list of potential customers.

So how do you get that done? From your website visitors and social media followers.

If you implement an effective social media campaign and invest decently in SEO and paid traffic, you should be able to amass a lot of contact information from potential customers. From this list, you can then divide your prospects into different categories based on gender, location, interests, behaviors, etc.

Once your email list is properly compiled, you can now distribute amazing email content without spam.

When done right, email marketing has the potential to have a potential ROI of around 122%.

4. Video Marketing.

Name a brand you know that has never invested in video marketing.

I’m waiting.

I’m not sure if you can picture one. Even Hubspot has shown that 86% of brands (startups and big guns) use video as a marketing tool.

The power of video marketing can never be overstated. When Apple recently launched the iPhone 13, they still made sure that a range of video marketing content was created and published because they knew that videos were beyond the users.

Fortunately, video creation doesn’t cost a fortune. There are so many free tools out there to help you create, edit, and perfect your video content. And as far as marketing goes, you can always post your content on YouTube and other channels that you think your prospects visit frequently.

5. Referral Marketing.

You must have heard the popular quote, “People are four times more likely to buy when they are recommended by a friend.”

Well, that is true in any case. As a startup, your existing customers are your greatest asset. Hence, you need to make sure that they are happy with your service at all times so that they will happily refer you to their friends and family.

To encourage referrals from customers, you can organize referral or loyalty programs. These types of programs reward customers every time they refer someone or bring someone to the company. Of course, referral programs don’t have to cost a fortune. The reward can be coupons, discounts, points, etc.

6. Press releases.

Finally, you can market your startup by landing on some of the most popular news and media channels in your niche industry.

Most of the media and news agencies like to post noteworthy and newsworthy content on their platforms. If your startup does indeed offer unique solutions, many of these outlets will be happy to give you a place on their pages.

How does this help you? You wonder Well, mentioning your brand in major publications is definitely the best way to generate brand awareness. Also, having a place in major publications will send you plenty of inbound links, which is great for SEO.

Uday Tank has worked with customers with writing impairments for over five years. His training in family science and journalism gave him a broad basis for approaching many topics. He is particularly fond of writing content after researching and analyzing various resources, be it books, articles, or online stuff.


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