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The wellness products that help our editors prepare for autumn are …

After a season of sunny days on the beach and nightly meetings with friends (an Aperol spritz in hand), we are finally ready to say goodbye to summer. This may be an unpopular opinion, but when it comes to the seasons, my favorite is definitely autumn. I mean what’s not to love Wearing turtlenecks in the fresh air, baking apple pie, trying out new cookie recipes and sticking to a night out – yes, that sounds like my idea of ​​happiness. Aside from a change in temperature, however, the onset of autumn also means getting back to work (expect to hear the phrase “start up” more than once!). The stress of increased workload and vacation periods can affect our health both mentally and physically. For this reason, we wanted to introduce some of the health and wellness products that our team is currently using in preparation – prevention before cures, all after!

So read on for the 14 wellness products our editors love this month, from breakthrough humidifiers to deep tissue massagers and electrolytes, there is something for everyone!

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Canopy humidifier

“Forget what you used to know about humidifiers because this brand has completely reinvented the classic that we all know and love. Don’t worry, it still does the two most important things you want a humidifier to do: promoting healthy, glowing skin (let’s face it, we’re all going to crave fall) and relieving cold and flu symptoms. But here’s what makes this one different, it has no visible mist or vapor. Why is that better? Instead of moist air that mold can cause in your home, the Canopy focuses on creating clean, filtered, and hydrated air. In fact, your team tells me it’s the only anti-mold humidifier. And the best part is that the smart sensors turn off the humidifier when the water runs out. Since there is no water left, mold cannot grow. It’s pretty chic too, so I don’t mind having it on my bedside table. ”- Sacha Strebe, Assistant Editor

2 of 14Sharper Image massage gun

Sharper Image Powerboost deep tissue percussion massager

“This is a really good price compared to other guns I’ve seen, and it works so well! I use it to relieve tension in my crazy tight shoulders, and my husband and I take turns using it on the nights of the move. He loves it for accidental injuries as he is an ultra marathon runner. It’s really therapeutic! ” – Lauren Zielinski MSN, CNM, Editor

3 of 14TheraOne Sleep CBD tincture

TheraOne Sleep CBD tincture

“The hardest thing for me to fall asleep is and I swear by this product. The taste is great and I wake up feeling refreshed. Can’t live without it. ”- Kelly Krause, Associate Editor

4 of 14Pilates subscription in liquid form for at home

Pilates subscription in liquid form for at home

“First off, I want to say that Megan Roups The Sculpt Society got me through quarantine (and beyond!). Her “move your body” message is so refreshing and I always feel challenged by her dance cardio to her sculpting classes. But lately I’ve been incorporating Pilates into my daily routine to really focus on my core strength, and I can tell you there’s nothing more intense (in a good way!) Than an ab workout with a Pilates ball, but the shakes are its worth it. I’ve only been doing Fluid Form for the last month, but I’m obsessed with their mini belly videos (don’t let the word “mini” fool you) and already feel a change in my core. It also helps that the teacher is an Aussie so it feels like a piece of home at a time when I can’t go back to the sunburned land. ”- Sacha Strebe, Assistant Editor

5 of 14LMNT electrolyte drink mix

LMNT Keto Electrolyte Beverage Mix

“I’m currently taking a caffeine break and was looking for alternatives that would give me permanent energy without being nervous. I’d heard praise for this electrolyte-drink mix on various podcasts, and after finally ordering something to try it, I’m completely addicted. I put half a pack into a large YETI every morning after a workout and I feel so much more hydrated and energetic all day. It tastes a little salty at first, but breaking the parcel in the morning and afternoon helps, and now I crave the taste! ”- Michelle Nash, Senior Producer

6 of 14Ursa Major Brighten Up Vitamin C Serum

Ursa Major Brighten Up Vitamin C Serum

“Does anyone else feel that the market for vitamin C serums is filled, filled, and overcrowded? Thankfully, Ursa Major’s Brighten Up Vitamin C Serum is actually delivers on its promise of glowing, hydrated, lightened skin – far superior to some of its more expensive competitors. With a lemony rose scent, this is a product that has a permanent place in my daily beauty routine. ”- Anne Campbell, Co-Editor

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HeatHealer infrared sauna blanket

“After researching the health benefits of infrared, I found numerous studies that show it can reduce joint pain and stiffness in people with rheumatoid arthritis. may improve cardiovascular health by improving the ability of your blood vessels to expand and adapt to changes in blood pressure; small studies have also shown that they can improve recovery after strength and cardio training by improving neural recovery; and they can even improve complexion and skin health, reduce lines, wrinkles and pigmentation. While some of the other claims (weight loss, improved sleep, etc.) aren’t backed by science, I’ve seen a significant improvement in my ability to sleep after using infrared, be it through the ceiling or an LED mask. So if it is helping your own health and wellbeing, it will be worth it in the end. I also found it a meditative experience because it invites me to pause and focus on the relaxation that was a game changer for me. What I love about this particular brand is that it has a full layer of flat jade and tourmaline stone that conduct infrared heat and emit negative ions to really increase the feel good factor. In addition, it is made of non-toxic materials and thanks to a layer of soft cotton, the blanket is super comfortable. And yes it’s an investment but I think it’s one of the better ones out there for what you get. And who doesn’t want to lie on jade and tourmaline stones? ”- Sacha Strebe, deputy editor

8 of 14Renee Rouleau Weightless Protection SPF

Renee Rouleau Weightless Protection SPF

“I’ve been using a different brand for years and recently switched after receiving a free product to try out. Renee is the best in the business at 25, so #ObeyRenee. This product is really weightless as the name suggests, and that goes for the consistency and feel it leaves behind when applied. It doesn’t make you feel greasy or oily as you would with traditional sunscreen, but you still have the same protection – it’s a win, a win! ”- Kelly Krause, Associate Editor

9 of 14Truvani Protein + Vegetables

Truvani Protein + Vegetables

“As a vegetarian, I’ve tried a lot of protein powders, but somehow they always seem to leave me bloated at the end of the day … until this one! Not only does it make sure I’m getting the recommended daily dose, but it tastes great (I have it on its own with water, but would be great to add to a smoothie) and make me feel good too. It’s organic and GMO-free (which I think is a priority when buying protein powder), and doesn’t contain any filler ingredients like gums, “natural” flavors, and citric acid. And there are seven leafy greens and sprouts, including kale and spinach, so you get your daily dose of fiber too. ”- Sacha Strebe, Assistant Editor

10 of 14VOESH Vitamin C shower filter

VOESH Vitamin C shower filter

“If you live in a city like mine with hard water – it’s relatively high in calcium and magnesium – you know the battle for hair health is real. Hard water leaves mineral deposits on pipes, appliances, and dishes, and requires more soap to clean, so you can imagine what this does to your hair, too. I’ve always used a shower filter to soften the water and it has helped immensely. I was recently introduced to the Voesh Vitamin C shower filter and consider me a converted. The vitamin C removes residual chlorine and other impurities from hard water, which has helped soften my skin and nourish my hair. It’s also packed with vegan probiotics and oatmeal powder for extra protection and moisture. Oh, and it smells delicious too. “

11 of 14HUM Skin Squad Prebiotic + Probiotic Supplement

HUM Skin Squad Prebiotic + Probiotic Supplement

“I’ve been a huge fan of HUM supplements for a while and while there are some on their lineup that I love (I look at you Wing Man), my favorite can’t live without a supplement, Skin Trupp. It combines prebiotics (the food that feeds the good bugs) with nine strains of probiotic to create a healthy gut microbiome that helps with irritable bowel syndrome, gas, and clear skin. I generally have no problems with breakouts, my problem has been gas, but I use them as a preventative measure to reduce potential pimples, especially during my period. “

12 of 14Omnilux Contour LED face mask

Omnilux Contour LED face mask

“Aside from the obvious skin health benefits of an LED mask – reducing fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, and redness – I’ve personally found that they are restful and provide a few minutes of mindfulness when I need them. But I wasn’t expecting how much LED would help me fall asleep at night. And when I looked at this, there is some research that suggests that red light can help stimulate sleep. I have definitely found that this is the case. “

13 of 14Beauty Chef Gut Primer

Beauty Chef Gut Primer

“I’ve been a big fan of The Beauty Chef’s Glow Powder for years, so I knew when I started that I would love their new colon foundation. Designed by fellow Aussie colleague Carla Oates, this dietary supplement was developed to support a healthy digestive system – and that is exactly what The Beauty Chef is all about. It has a variety of holistic ingredients that help soothe and repair the intestinal lining and prevent inflammation, including elm and milk thistle. Oh, and it tastes delicious. “

14 of 14Alo High Waist Zip-It Flare Leggings

Alo High Waist Zip-It Flare Leggings

“Now that I work from home, I make an effort to get out of the house and walk around the neighborhood for some much needed fresh air and time in nature. To stay motivated, I wake up and put on my workout clothes so that in the afternoon all I have to do is add shoes and a hat and then walk out the door. Lately, I’ve been loving these alo flare leggings because they act like workout clothes but look like a fashion item. They are also so soft and comfortable. “


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