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Your checkout experience is essential to ecommerce growth – how Shopify Plus can help

by Sean Richards, VP of Strategy & Partnerships for Wins

The customer experience is always paramount when running an e-commerce business. The intuitive operation of your website with responsive customer support and an optimized checkout system ensures that customers keep coming back to your business.

Many e-commerce companies set up theirs Website to maintain uniform branding, correct flow and ease of use. However, one area in particular seems to be routinely neglected: the checkout experience.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of creating the most aesthetically pleasing website that shows the benefits of each product, but that doesn’t matter if customers leave with abandoned carts before they’re finished with the checkout process. Of Optimizing the checkout experience of your shopTo make it as easy and efficient as possible, increase your conversion rate. This is where Shopify Plus comes in.

Shopify Plus uses innovative features designed for high volume businesses that help you personalize the experience of each customer, reducing cart abandonment rates and streamlining the checkout process.

Is Shopify Plus different from Shopify?

Nearly Everyone who runs a business online has heard of Shopify. With over a million active users, Shopify has become known as the industry leader in e-commerce platforms for its easy-to-use, all-in-one software. Shopify makes starting a website, growing your business, and even processing and shipping orders easier than ever.

Since Shopify was originally designed for new and small businesses, larger businesses that have increased demands and customer demands due to high sales volumes may find that they need to upgrade their platform to meet their needs. That’s why Shopify Plus was added as an option for brands that need a powerful platform that can quickly adapt to today’s ever-changing customer needs.

Shopify Plus is designed to meet the needs of larger, high volume businesses that need a responsive platform for their business.

What sets Shopify Plus apart from other platforms

Usually, moving to a new platform is extremely expensive and can be very slow, although it costs six figures or more. Shopify Plus is committed to changing that standard, offering options starting at $ 2,000 per month. Shopify Plus is capable of completely reorganizing your business in just three to four months, much faster than most high-volume ecommerce platforms. Shopify Plus includes services and features such as:

  • Automated processes for marketing campaigns, discounts and more
  • No limit on transactions
  • Product pages with integrated 3D media, videos and AR
  • Integrated customer and product data migration
  • Up to 18% improvement in conversion rates
  • And more!

Once you’ve created an account with Shopify Plus, you’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager called the Launch Engineer, as well as the ability to create unlimited accounts for your team. with powerful API integrations and exclusive Shopify Plus apps, you can make changes on the fly to quickly adapt to customer needs.

Shopify Plus is revolutionizing the way large companies do business online.

How Shopify Plus improves the checkout experience

Shopify Plus creates a brand new, streamlined checkout experience for your customers that not only gives them security, but also eliminates delays that lead to abandoned carts. this Hassle-free shopping experience can make a dramatic difference in conversion rates and increase both brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Because Shopify Plus is designed for high volume retailers, the Checkout rates are up to 60% faster than the standard. This ensures that the needs of your customers are met even when there is increased demand due to the high order volume. You don’t have to worry about your website going down due to heavy traffic during a sale, special event, or the holiday season.

With Shopify Plus, so can you create a completely individual customer experience by offering expanded discounts and shipping costs before, during, and after check-out. In addition, the ability to process an unlimited number of transactions gives you unlimited earning potential.

By creating a completely unique checkout experience that fits your brand and meets the specific needs of your customers, you can easily tweak your ecommerce platform and avoid hiring expensive agencies and tech companies to do the heavy lifting for you . Shopify Plus gives you complete control over how you want your customers to experience your brand.

How to Implement Shopify Plus Checkout Features

Now that you know that Shopify Plus can provide your customers with an enhanced checkout experience, how do you implement the features you want? It’s easy!

As you can see, just by using Shopify scripts, you can already start creating a unique checkout experience that will drive people to buy more from your store and limit the number of carts abandoned.

Schedule big sales and events with the script editor

Companies with high sales volumes have even larger events and promotions. Take control with the Shopify Scripts Editor.

Shopify Scripts Editor helps avoid the hassle of creating online promotions and discounts. You can automate promotions and discounts without the need for customer codes, which often leads to higher conversion rates and reduces extra steps that can lead to an abandoned cart. Because the Shopify Scripts Editor is built into Shopify servers, you can be sure that your promotions, sales, and events will run smoothly even when there is heavy traffic.

Shopify Scripts Editor is perfect for events and big sales related to the holidays, like Memorial Day, Labor Day, Black Friday, or Cyber ​​Monday. You can create and schedule large events well in advance so that promotions, discounts, and aesthetic changes happen automatically. You can easily change or create the following:

  • Tailor-made sales and special offers
  • Discounts in percent on certain items or categories
  • Discounts in dollar amounts on specific items or categories
  • Discounts that combine both percentages and dollar amounts
  • Discounts for bulk purchases
  • Buy one, get a free (BOGO) sale

The options for special events and sales are limitless, giving you the freedom to plan everything in advance and automate important changes.

Shopify scripts create customer experiences

Shopify scripts are snippets of code that allow you to personalize your online store and are perfect for streamlining your checkout process. Creating a branded checkout page reduces the chances of a customer leaving their shopping cart and allows you to improve each customer’s overall impression of your business.

Although you will need some basic programming knowledge to take full advantage of Shopify Scripts, the tutorials and online support make every step of the process easy to understand. Some of the things you can customize with Shopify scripts are:

  • Customer information fields
  • Payment options
  • Shipping methods
  • Order summary pages
  • Notifications and Alerts
  • Order processing and status information

Shopify scripts make the buying process faster, easier, and more personalized, resulting in more follow-through. It also takes a step back from generic checkout pages and lets your brand shine, from your homepage to the final stages of checkout.

Create a unique shop for each customer

Online shops have a particular advantage over stationary locations; You can create a unique experience with an eCommerce platform for each customer, essentially a personalized business, just for him. Auto-customizing your store is a great way to optimize your brand’s online presence and create the perfect checkout experience every time a customer visits your website.

Customers are easy to identify when you can sign in, but you can make both users and guests feel special by receiving automatic discounts like special discounts or free shipping based on the dollar amount in the person’s cart during the checkout process . You can make special offers, create unique messages, or even set up clubs or categories for regular customers based on the frequency of their visits or the amount of their spend.

Small touches that give the shopping experience an individual feeling increase customer loyalty and repeat visits.

Complete control over your checkout experience

While Shopify stores enjoy an easy to use and efficient checkout process, Shopify Plus gives you the tools you need to create a checkout experience that fits your brand if you want to create a highly customized customer experience that goes beyond the norm . and customer needs.

With business opinions spreading faster than ever before, adapting quickly is imperative. Because of this, creating a memorable customer experience is more important than ever, and the checkout experience is an opportunity to add small details that make your brand stand out.

Create a better brand experience for your customers with Shopify Plus

If you are looking for a cohesive ecommerce Platform that can handle high sales however, you can easily customize your online store, Shopify Plus is the answer. Don’t overlook one of the most important parts of any sale: the customer checkout experience. Shopify Plus increases conversion rates while lowering costs and allows you to make your brand the way you always imagined it.

Sean Richards is Vice President of Strategy & Partnerships for Wins. Prior to Vincit, Richards was responsible for business development, digital marketing strategy, and partnership development at several prestigious companies and marketing agencies in California and Arizona.


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