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What types of cybercrime might my company face?

Although there are a number of things you can do to reduce the chances of becoming a victim of crime in your workplace, such as: B. through a security system, video surveillance or strong door locks, it is possible for criminals with malicious intent without ever having to set foot in the building.

With the multitude of technologies, software and apps available, people are finding more and more ways to commit cybercrime and cause fraud, theft and fear in their fellow human beings.

Fraudulent calls

Some companies make a number of inbound and outbound calls every day. Have you ever heard the phone ring and wondered if it was a fraudulent call from 01709357348? The number could be from a telephone or even a cell phone number that you would not recognize. Occasionally the caller may have withheld their number. There are ways to find out if a call is real or not, for example by looking up the official phone number of the company claiming to be calling, or even hanging up and calling the number you know is correct.

Reporting fraudulent phone calls can help officials track down perpetrators and prevent their occurrence. For this reason, in case of doubt, it can make sense never to give personal or company data to anyone over the phone.

Phishing emails

Scammers don’t just work over the phone. In the past, they may have sent letters trying to get you to part with money or financial data. Now they can send emails to your work email account claiming to be another company or even a customer. Often times, these phishing emails take you to an illegal website that the URL may trace you, and are often from unofficial email accounts themselves, so it’s always a good idea to look at the sender’s information. The term “phishing” comes from trying to lure people with bogus offers or even threats, and such emails should be flagged and reported as junk email.


There are a number of different viruses that your computer can acquire from visiting websites and downloading from the Internet or from attachments to e-mail. Malware describes any type of software designed to harm your system. This could include a number of viruses, such as the Trojan virus, as well as adware, ransomware that blackmailed you into returning your services, and items that track your keystrokes in hopes of gaining personal or financial information. These can be hugely debilitating when running a company, especially if sensitive customer data is also breached.

By studying the different types of cybercrime and realizing them, you can protect yourself a little from these types of criminals. Reporting suspicious content and introducing corporate training can also help prevent cybercrime from occurring in your company.


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