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The president of the Oklahoma Association of Realtors was ousted in a special assembly

Axay Parekh was removed from his post as OAR president on Tuesday for an important reason.

Oklahoma Association of Realtors (OAR) president Axay Parekh was removed from office during a special board meeting convened by appointment on Tuesday, May 11th. This resulted in an announcement that was sent to all members of the Association and relayed to Inman.

On Wednesday, Inman received an anonymous tip that the association’s president had been charged with “fuzziness.”

Axay Parekh | Photo credit: Oklahoma Association of Realtors

A board member who wished to remain anonymous confirmed to Inman later that day that Parekh had in fact been removed from office on “grounds” and in accordance with the association’s statutes. They did not elaborate on the exact cause of Parekh’s removal, but noted that the special assembly was convened to specifically determine whether or not he would remain in office.

The notice sent to all Association members indicated that a President of OAR would become an immediate past President upon removal from office due to a constitutional limitation, a “constitutional role on the leadership team and executive committee”.

To avoid Parekh remaining on the Executive Committee, the OAR Nominations Committee elected former President Amy Bladow as President-Elect (effective as President), while Scott Foster, who served as President-Elect under Parekh and immediately became President-in-Office, resigned after his Removal from office to become president of the immediate past.

With Bladown assuming the presidency immediately, the position of President-elect of OAR remains open and the association’s nomination committee has 45 days from the date of his vacancy to appoint a replacement.

Parekh was elected president in October 2020 and took office in January 2021. He has served on a number of committees and councils of the OAR and the National Association of Realtors (NAR) over the years, including NAR’s Multicultural Property Management Advisory Group and its 2019-2021 Advisory Groups on The Board of Directors.

Parekh declined to comment at this point.

Read the OAR’s message to association members below in full:

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