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3 editors tried Green Chef Meals for a week – here are their honest thoughts

Is there anything more transformative than food? It has the powerful ability to connect, transport your senses to another place and time, and even comfort us when we need it most. It’s no secret that the Camille Styles team loves to gather people around a table. Cooking, entertaining, and eating have always been some of our greatest passions in life. Of course, not everyone (including us) has the time to prepare a cookable meal every night of the week. But if the past year has taught us anything, you don’t need a lot of people to enjoy a delicious homemade meal, and every dish you serve is an opportunity to feed yourself from the inside out. If you’re new to cooking or just looking for simple, healthy recipes, meal sets are the way to go. Three Camille Styles editors tried one out for a week, and today we’re sharing our Green Chef report.

We chose Green Chef because there are easy-to-follow meal plans for every lifestyle and diet – they’re keto, plant-based, gluten-free, and more – but also because they’re a certified organic company.

With so many of us now working from home (and balancing work and life balance), we can have an affordable, cook-created meal plan delivered right to your doorstep that is also easy to prepare and good for you .

So keep scrolling to read our Green Chef review along with our honest thoughts on each of the meals we cooked. Let’s put it this way: good food has never been easier.

And if you want to try it out for yourself, Green Chef has an exclusive offer for Camille Styles readers. Use code 90CAMILLESTYLES for a total of $ 90 off your first four orders, including free shipping on your first box!

This story is in partnership with Green Chef.

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Camille Styles, editor-in-chief

Name of the meal: Maple Cauliflower Power Bowls, as part of my “Balanced Living” menu

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Ingredients overview: Rainbow quinoa, cauliflower, pecans, shallots, kale, dried cranberries, turmeric, maple syrup, nutritional yeast, green goddess dressing

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Expectation versus Reality:

How long did it really take?
It actually only took about 25 minutes from start to finish.

Was it easy to prepare?
Super easy, although my only pro tip is to minimize the number of pots and pans used by making cauliflower and kale in the same skillet (one at a time). Always looking for places to optimize the duty to crockery!

How did it taste?
I loved the flavor combination of these ingredients. The golden sauteed cauliflower with turmeric was insanely good on its own. I realized I had a head of cauliflower in the fridge, so I doubled up the cauliflower I made and had leftovers to throw in my lunch salad the next day. The sauteed kale with cranberries and pecans tasted good in the restaurant; It was easy to make but had a very complex taste that even convinced my husband Adam, who is on the fence about kale.

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Final verdict:

As someone who really enjoys cooking, I’ve honestly never been that interested in food delivery kits – since I enjoy making a meal from scratch, I just didn’t really get the point. That said, I’m in a particularly busy time of year and during the week my cooking process is often very crowded with after-school activities for the kids and the end of my work day. Lately I’ve been fed up with preparing Sunday meals on the weekends. Well, I’m so glad I tried Green Chef because it felt like I was still cooking, but like I had a sous chef by my side doing all of this prep for me!

The ingredients were super fresh and I found it particularly great that I knew what was organic – the one “conventional” product (the shallot) was clearly labeled as such. Both my husband and I agreed that it was one of those vegetarian dishes that you didn’t miss the meat on. It was totally satisfying, full of protein, and a perfect way to start the week if we’re looking for a solid meat-free dinner idea.

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Michelle Nash, senior producer

Name of the meal: Spicy Chicken and Veggie Stir-Fry as part of my “Keto + Paleo” meal plan

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Ingredients overview: Rub the chicken, cashews, broccoli, paprika, kale, spicy ginger-lime aioli, chilli & ginger spices

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Expectation versus Reality:

How long did it really take?
It took me just 20 minutes. I love how easy and yet delicious stir-fry meals can be.

Was it easy to prepare?
Almost all of the ingredients were already chopped so it really was just a matter of seasoning everything and tossing it on a pan. It’s that easy!

How did it taste?
I was surprised how delicious this dish was, even though it was so simple. I had to leave out the spicy ginger-lime aioli because of an allergy to eggs, but the taste really delivered even without it.

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Final verdict:

This dish was so simple and delicious, and honestly who doesn’t love stir fry? I did this for lunch in the middle of a work day, which I rarely do due to time constraints. I usually have to prep a large amount on the weekends to have lunch or take out every day and it gets pretty boring. Since this pan only lasted 20 minutes, throwing it together turned out to be the perfect mid-day break.

Taking a short break to cook something tasty and healthy instantly enhanced my lunchtime experience. Plus, the pre-portioned ingredients saved a lot of time and I didn’t have to worry about what to have for lunch. Riddle that many have every day. Overall, Green Chef saved me time, energy and money in the grocery store and left me with little to no food waste afterwards.

In my book, Green Chef also earns bonus points for keto, paleo and gluten-free dishes. I have many food intolerances that usually distract me from meal sets, but they had many options for me. Whether you also have allergies or are just trying to eat a certain way, I found the plans to be very adaptable to eating habits. After eating this pan, instead of feeling that so many of us had a slump after lunch, I felt energized.

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Sacha Strebe, deputy editor

Name of the meal: Tuscan white bean and Swiss chard soup as part of my plant-powered meal plan

Preparation time: 35 minutes

Ingredients overview: cElery, yellow onion, garlic, big beans from the north, chard from rainbow, chives, carrots, rosemary, basil and sage, white wine vinegar, vegetable stock concentrate, multigrain mini bread, crushed red pepper flakes.

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Expectation versus Reality:

How long did it really take?
My husband and I prepare and cook every meal at home (Friday night is our takeaway night) so we consider ourselves skilled home cooks, and this soup definitely took up the allotted cooking time of 35 minutes (maybe even a little longer for the bonus taste). but it was worth it.

Was it easy to prepare?
This recipe is very easy. Each ingredient is portioned so there is no room for error. I think this is a great option for the time-tight, busy couple or families like us who need healthy, simple meals that even the kids will love. And it’s a stew, so cleaning up is a breeze too.

How did it taste?
Our family loves soup – we probably eat it at least twice a week (even in summer!). So we had high expectations for this soup recipe, but it didn’t disappoint. I liked the tougher texture of the rainbow chard with the softness of the big beans from the north, and the celery gave it a wintry broth flavor that is just instant comfort in a meal. We had this on a cool spring evening and it was perfect. I also sprinkled some feta on top instead of adding salt or parmesan and it was delicious – highly recommended.

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Final verdict:

As I mentioned earlier, my husband and I are great foodies, so we cook everything ourselves, which means we can be more picky about food. We’re also vegetarian and gluten free so it’s usually easier to prepare meals at home to suit our nutritional needs. While this soup comes with bread, we just skipped this part of the preparation and swapped in our own gluten-free toast with the same seasoning from the box.

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with Green Chef when it makes it so easy for people with food allergies and diet restrictions to eat truly delicious and nutritious meals that are also incredibly easy to prepare. Everything was so fresh and easy to label that you really can’t get it wrong.

Oh, and it passed the kid’s taste bud test too. Our son is almost 13 years old and no different from most children his age and younger. He’s brutally honest when he doesn’t like something. But I’m happy to report that he scraped the bowl clean. That makes me a very happy mom.

Would you also like to try Green Chef? Make the most of our exclusive offer and use code 90CAMILLESTYLES to get a total of $ 90 off your first four orders, including free shipping on your first box!


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