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How you can work more productively with planning software

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Using scheduling software is almost guaranteed to improve your time management. However, not everyone makes full use of this technology. It’s like buying a new Ferrari and always driving it five miles below the speed limit.

To unlock the top speed of a sports car, you need to know what its engine can do. If you’re into something more than the paintwork and leather seats on the car, you’re only getting a surface-level value. The same applies to the planning software. If you familiarize yourself with the features and know how to maximize them, your productivity will go from 0 to 60 in record time.

Plan ahead

It’s exciting to live in the moment, but it’s hardly a productive lifestyle. If you want to make the most of your time, you need to plan ahead. If you ask an industry mogul or successful entrepreneur, you’ll be impressed by the amount of planning that goes into everyday life.

You should tackle the planning daily, weekly, and monthly. This can be achieved by changing the view of your planning software of choice. With Daily Planning, you can structure your work day to plan your most challenging tasks during your peak productivity hours. With the weekly scheduling, you can confirm all scheduled meetings and note the upcoming deadlines. With monthly planning, you can review your personal KPIs against the data collected by your planning software and make adjustments to plan an even more productive month in advance.

In addition to personal planning, your planning software is the key to good coordination with others. For example, leading a team requires weighing many different roles, tasks, and deadlines. A content manager can look at the planning software and determine that a new blog post from Author X is due tomorrow morning, followed by an internal editor revising it by the end of the working day. The manager and the rest of the team know exactly who to speak to at every stage of the project to keep confusion and misunderstandings to a minimum.

Arrange your personal and professional life

As important as your career is, nothing should come before your family or yourself. In fact, a Deloitte study showed that companies that promote work-life balance saw their employees as being twice as productive. Your planning software is used optimally when it promotes the compatibility of work and family.

Use your scheduling software to prioritize family time. Schedule appointments with your spouse and add your children’s sporting events and dance evenings to your online calendar. These events should be non-negotiable, and you can make sure to include them on your schedule by using the same software that you use to organize your business.

Work-life balance is much easier to achieve when you leave work in the workplace. To do this, use planning tactics that will allow you to unlock your full productivity on the watch. One approach is the Pomodoro Technique, in which you plan your work in small blocks of time devoted to a single task with short breaks in between. This method of planning allows you to increase your focus throughout the day and get more tasks done in the same amount of time, so you have less work to take home.

Geek out with color coding

With a personalized color coding system, you can decipher your schedule with just a quick glance. Each of the activities on your schedule can be given its own color. For example, red can be used to indicate customer meetings that you simply cannot miss. Yellow can be used for longer-range tasks, such as B. for strategy development or reporting. Blue can be used for family time or other personal chores, etc. The faster you can identify your planning priorities, the faster you can get things done.

Once you get used to your color code, a look at your daily schedule will tell you where and what time to be. A red flash will alert you of an upcoming board meeting that you need to prepare for. A blue trail at the end of your schedule is a reminder that you can’t stay in the office long tonight, regardless of the event details. Research has shown that using visual cues can help viewers get the information they need more efficiently.

Set reminders

Creating an event on your schedule isn’t always enough. You won’t take advantage of all that scheduling software has to offer if you don’t set reminders for important events. Setting reminders for each meeting or appointment can take a few seconds. This can be the safety net you need to keep your schedule running smoothly.

For starters, the reminders you set act as a precaution in case your memory goes down or you lose track of paper notes. Nothing is worse than missing an important meeting or leaving the wrong impression by being late. Use your planning software to make sure this is not a problem.

Another purpose of reminders is to help you prepare for upcoming events. A reminder set half an hour before an important presentation gives you the last chance to sit down and make sure you have all of your materials ready.

Check in with others

It is not productive to prepare for and attend a meeting that the other person is not present at. Both parties need to be in sync for effective planning. Even if you get everything right, chances are someone who committed to a meeting will be late or not show up at all. All of your planning and organizing efforts will be in vain.

You can avoid this by sending reminders to those you have made plans with in advance. Most scheduling software allows you to set up reminder messages to be sent to others.

To maximize your productivity, you can create the perfect reminder once and then use it for all subsequent tasks. You no longer have to worry about colleagues or clients missing out on meetings, and you don’t have to write a custom email every time. You can also share a meeting agenda or a planning link to improve collaboration between you and the other person.

It’s time to stop using your planning software for only the bare essentials. This Swiss Army Knife with software tools has a number of helpful features that should increase your productivity. Get started today to make the most of your precious time.


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