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7 fun backyard activities to keep the whole family entertained

I firmly believe that boredom is good for the little ones. As a child, I whined to my mother hundreds of times, “Mooommm, I’m bored” and she promptly said, “Go play outside, use your imagination!” Though I hated it back then, I always felt so much better when I had time outdoors doing backyard activities. Now that I am a mother, I know that I will instill the same values ​​in my own children.

Backyard activities prove a number of benefits for your children, like Harvard Health There are reportedly six main reasons why playing outdoors is good for your kids. This includes sun exposure and vitamin D, which boosts our immune systems, and at least an hour of exercise has been shown to boost mood, but more importantly, it will wear down your kids as well (hopefully this will produce a good result too Napping or going to bed early!) Playing outdoors also helps in building managerial functions, which are skills This helps us plan, set priorities, fix bugs, negotiate and multitask.

Taking risks can help build trust and nurture courage. Then of course there’s the socialization aspect which will help you work together as a family and improve those communication skills – not to mention appreciating the outdoors. In my unprofessional opinion, the only way to really help kids appreciate the outdoors is to make sure you expose them to her.

Often my husband and I set up our weekends like this; one activity outside the home and one inside the home. This is usually spent outside in the California sun. After being at home for a full year, I was able to summarize some of my favorite gardening activities that you can share with your family.

Ideas for backyard fun

Chalk. Chalk can provide hours of entertainment and also promote the free expression of art. You can also create age-based activities, such as B. Hopse, Foursquare. As your children get older, you can teach them to tell a story using chalk storyboards.

Bubble dance party. This one is a hit with toddlers and babies. We recently attended a birthday party and this provided 40 minutes of non-stop entertainment.

Slip & Slide, sprinkler and water fun. Keep it simple and turn on the sprinklers. Every time I do this, I have flashbacks from my childhood. You could even invest in a slip and slide or help build a waterway This cool wooden waterway set. Pro type: As a parent, I’m a huge fan of Indigenous and Birkenstock’s Eva Shoes for outdoor fun. They’re easy to spray off when they get muddy.

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Outdoor movie night. I love nothing more than cuddling with the kids and watching a movie. Lately, Moana has been repeating herself. My husband and I have just dialed our back yard and created a really nice place to lounge. Also, we can use the side of our house as a screen for our projector. This is a great way to end the day, relax, and spend some time with family. You can also invite friends or even go on a monthly viewing.

Camping in your own garden. Camping offers endless ideas and fun for your family. Building a tent together was an opportunity to work together to accomplish a task through communication and hard work. Make a meal on the grill and celebrate with something afterwards. Don’t forget about storytime, turn off the flashlights and add animation to the mix with shadow puppets.

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Obstacle course. He meets these coordination, balance and exercise tips from above. Use items you have around the house like a stool, ladder, or tenon, or try some of these Montessori tokens.

Gardening. Whether you’re planting a vegetable garden or brightening up the garden, gardening gives everyone in the family an opportunity to get involved. Help your children appreciate the outdoors and ecosystems at work and inspire them to be lifelong nature lovers. It also teaches patients how to take care of something in order to grow.

What are your favorite backyard activities? Let us know below.


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