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5 on-demand courses to develop your leadership potential

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Really great leaders understand that they need to be lifelong learners. The more insights you gain, the more you have to pass on to your employees. Here are five leadership courses to help you create a healthier work environment.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, executive, manager, or a novice, developing your leadership skills is critical to your career. Once you get too busy to devote time or attention to further study, stagnation occurs. President John F. Kennedy summarized briefly: “Leadership and learning are indispensable to one another.”

The best leaders are self-aware. They believe in the value of servant leadership. They understand the value of continuous improvement and are lifelong learners no matter how much they accomplish. They understand that acquiring knowledge is not enough. As they absorb new information, great leaders keep asking themselves the same question. “Who else could benefit from this information?”

With face-to-face conferencing and training options still limited by the pandemic, on-demand courses are one of the most convenient ways to improve your leadership skills. Don’t wait for someone else to teach you the hard way. Stay proactive by taking a closer look at these five leadership development courses.

1. Discover and develop core values

It is relatively easy to spot companies that operate without defined and widely held core values. Just look for employees and executives who seem tired all the time. These people constantly feel like they are walking uphill and struggling against strong headwinds and steep inclines.

Some of these businesses can be successful for years or even decades before a lack of core values ​​returns to bite them. In most cases, a lack of clarity about the core values ​​ultimately leads to a creep of scope, a drift of mission, or worse.

While finding and developing core values ​​is critical to effective leadership, knowing where to start can be difficult. This course includes an exercise that will guide participants through creating and refining their personal list of core values. Discovering and developing core values ​​is particularly helpful for entrepreneurs and provides participants with a proven method to identify, articulate and apply core values ​​for both life and career.

2. Body language for authentic leadership

We all know that it is possible to say the right thing and still get it wrong. In the 21st century in particular, managers in particular need to become increasingly aware of silent messages that they may inadvertently convey through body language. Authentic Leadership Body Language contains strategies that leaders can use to become more aware of their body language and connect with the people they lead in order to build trust and achieve better results.

In contrast to many other courses on this topic, outdated, standardized approaches are being abolished in body language for authentic leadership. Realizing that there is no right way to stand or gesticulate, this course instead seeks to connect with individual styles and make the most of who you already are. The result is a noticeable improvement in unspoken communication and visual cues that don’t feel wrong or forced.

3. 52 more hours

As you move up in management positions, you will place increasing demands on your time. To lead others effectively, you need to be in control of your schedule. 52 More Hours includes realistic strategies that will help participants manage time more effectively and have dozens of hours off each year. This course is short and powerful, as you would expect from a productivity course.

52 More Hours Participants will get the help they need to find more time and energy to do their passionate work, limit the daily flow of emails and meetings, keep focus, and coordinate daily tasks with what they do best and create a reasonable work-life balance. By identifying and doing the most important things each day, participants save at least an hour a week that can be used on whatever matters most.

4. Run without authority video series

Those in charge are not necessarily good leaders, and sometimes the best leaders are those who have no official authority at all. Individuals at all levels of an organization can build effective partnerships, nurture their employees, and demonstrate real leadership skills without waiting for official status. The key is to put people and mission in front of lawn and the desire for recognition.

Leadership without authority offers proven strategies to help employees at all levels of a company improve and apply their leadership skills. In this series of videos, learn how to influence and build the experience it takes to take on greater leadership in the future. It contains actionable strategies that, if properly implemented, can lead to exponential transformation in the workplace.

5. Lead with emotional courage

Leadership is not always about knowing the perfect thing to say or do. Instead, true leadership is about showing up with confidence, being connected to others, and committed to a common purpose that inspires others to follow. First and foremost, it comes down to whether you are willing to experience the discomfort, risk, and uncertainty of saying or doing it. If you are ready to feel anything, you can do anything.

Leading with Emotional Courage takes participants on an immersive journey to show how to use emotional understanding to inspire yourself and the people we lead. The course explores the importance and elements of emotional courage and provides actionable advice to help you apply that quality to your life and leadership.

Managers are often only as good as the expertise they learn from others. Consider investing in one or more of these courses to improve your leadership skills and make a greater impact in both your work and personal life.


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