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We Call It: These Are The 21 Best Home Decor Brands Online

Have you ever felt a creeping agita triggered by a burning desire to redecorate your space or is it just me? As soon as I get bitten by the flaw in the interior design, there is simply no going back. Every waking moment is spent dreaming of finding the perfect piece of furniture or the perfect decorative touch that I am convinced will simply transform my home – and with it my whole life, of course. While you will be shocked that my life remains relatively unchanged, at least my thorough internet search has led me to some of the best home decor brands online.

There’s a good chance you’re familiar with some of the bigger brands and retailers, but part of the thrill of decorating is finding unique brands that can grab your attention with an unexpected and exciting piece. Curating an aesthetic takes some dedication, but it’s well worth the effort. So much time is spent at home these days that it feels like expanding our own identities.

When it comes to finding the best home decor brands online, it is important to look for stores with a strong vision and style. You want to fill your home with trendy, but also timeless and classic pieces. Now that you’ve got it all Design inspo Mood boards ready to go, it’s time to do some shopping.

Scroll on to find the 21 best home decor brands online brought to you through my FBI level shopping research skills.

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This chic brand carries a range of ornate, handcrafted works of art. They are made with high-quality materials from the region, are ethical and sustainable. So you can feel good when you have these wonderful home accessories in your room for a lifetime.

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Make your choice from this delightfully curated selection of home accessories and antique pieces. The brand’s focus on different materials and textures gives the mix of objects an incredibly sophisticated look.

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This lovely Californian brand’s commitment to uplifting manufacturing communities around the world results in beautiful, sustainable, and ethically handcrafted housewares such as furniture, carpets, and textiles.

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Whether you need new bedding, carpets, pillows or sleek decorative details and more, The Citizenry has everything you need. It is clear that they work with master craftsmen, combining modern style with their proven techniques.

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What began as a kitchen and grocery location quickly evolved into a full-fledged retailer for private households. It has become one of the best home decor brands online by creating products that are as functional as they are beautiful and that can stand the test of time.

I can’t say enough good things about Beam’s versatile and creative furniture, lighting, art, housewares, and more. Her style is a one-of-a-kind mashup of mid-century rock and roll, Cali-Brooklyn, vintage and modern – and it just works!

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What is special about this Danish brand is that it takes on a classic Scandinavian style and gives it a unique, fashionable aesthetic.

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You’d think the Australian designer who founded Slowdown Studio in 2015 knew we’d all be quiet in our homes when he started this modern lifestyle brand. This collection celebrates individuality and creativity and is as functional as it is beautiful. It practically invites you to embrace the slower moments in life.

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Jungalow’s bright, bold and beautiful style pulls me in every time, but it’s the brand’s commitment to sustainability that keeps me coming back time and time again. You have teamed up with Trees for the Future, an organization whose job it is to create forest gardens. They provide families with sustainable food sources, livestock, feed, products for sale, firewood and an increase in their annual income of 400% in four years.

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Want to add a whimsical touch that doesn’t fall too far into the kitsch category? Areaware has you covered. They work with independent designers to bring their ideas to life and work closely together to make their vision a reality. These unique pieces are only sold at Areaware, so you can be sure that you have a truly unique, artistic piece of decoration for your home.

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This furniture design and gift shop has a cult following for good reason. The founders have used their backgrounds in visual arts and high-end design to create a cool and authentic urban style.

Article strives to make stylish, durable, high quality products at great prices. They do this by working directly with manufacturers who make unique and durable parts. This direct relationship allows the brand to produce modern furniture and decorations at a relatively low price.

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Anthropologie’s home department has long been creating desirable, beautiful home decor. Their furniture and decorations are practical and modern, but with a vintage feel. You can’t go wrong!

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The more accessible counterpart to Crate & Barrel never disappoints. It has a gorgeous selection of modern furniture, home accessories, bedding, artwork, and much more. Best of all, they are 15% committed to ensuring that 15% of products and collaborations are represented by black companies, artists and designers by 2024.

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We now know better than to sleep on the range of home accessories from Target. By working with designers like Hilton Carter and Studio McGee, you get high quality, stylish items at an affordable price.

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Once considered a one-stop shop for college students, Urban Outfitters’ Home Collection is now a design force. Your products are made of good materials with visually interesting shapes, colors and designs. If you haven’t been to their website in a while, check this out. You might be surprised!

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Atmospheric, romantic, and downright sexy, this NYC-based design studio features a stunning collection of lighting, furniture, and objects. Materials such as marble, suede, horsehair, lacquer and porcelain are patinated with brass to create the unmistakable ambience of the studio.

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The global market’s focus on value and affordability has made the brand a staple for those looking for original and handcrafted items from around the world.

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Part design brand, part lifestyle collection, Hawkins New York makes housewares that are thoughtful and unexpected. The brand works with producers, manufacturers and collectives worldwide for their own line and curates a smart, chic selection of the work of others.

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The home collection from H&M is not only affordable, but also surprisingly elegant. Take a look at their selections, you will be surprised how much you like them.

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Block Shop is a textile, art and design studio founded by two sisters in Los Angeles. Together with their team of artists and artisans, they dedicate themselves to celebrating the rich history, process and materials of handcrafted textile production. They have collaborated on some of our favorites like Rachel Comey, Ace Hotels, Sonos, and others. And best of all, Block Shop invests 5% of its profits in our biannual Community Health Camps in Jaipur, where the company was founded in 2013.

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Just like its fashionable sister, Zara Home is a mecca for affordable, chic, and ultra-stylish housewares and furniture. Her latest collection includes primitive-style vessels and vases, jute rugs, and an earthy, nature-inspired decor that we crave – we love the way Athena Calderone styles them at home.

Did we miss one? Share your favorite online home decor brands below.


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