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12 reader comments on Living Fully

As always, we noticed amazing reader stories in the comments section and we wanted to share the love. Here are 12 reader comments on your best life …

About food traditions:

“My partner and I set out to buy a fancy new cheese once a month and then eat it together in a bath. The catch is that our tub is tiny and we’re big, so it adds an air of exhilaration when we try to put our limbs together without throwing our backs out. Everything for cheese. “- Allie

“I’m Eurasier, but I don’t speak Cantonese like my mother’s family. I am also over white. I grew up with a lot of people who doubted my legacy: “Really ?! Are you chinese? Are you sure? You don’t really look Chinese. I think in the eyes … “One of the only ways to” prove “my Asian girl was by the way I ate. Chicken feet? Yes. Jellyfish? Yes. Pour red vinegar over everything? Yes. That was even to my family’s joke, “She may not speak Chinese. She may not look Chinese. But she sure can eat Chinese!” – Meghan

“To celebrate my retirement a few years ago, I invited 25 friends to a toast party where we wanted to ‘have toast and make toast’. I had set up three toasters, several loaves of good bread and various toppings (sweet and savory), juice, coffee and tea. It was a huge success and easy to set up. Thanks to the self-service aspect, I was able to mingle with my guests. “- Hattie

To hug your body:

“I’m about to flee into the ‘biggest’ body I’ve ever been in. (Thanks, ‘dear’ pound!) The back of my head wants to be obsessed and over-exercising before the big day. I have cold foot flashes and wonder if I should postpone it for a year just to see if I’m fit by then. But then the other half of my brain realizes how ridiculous, shallow, and selfish the first, self-sabotaging half of my brain sounds. As an added boost for me to accept this engagement-loving body I’m in, I get my first boudoir photo shoot before the jump. “- Nicole

“I recently realized that I saw my body and its functions as a young child – innocent and just kind of there. If I overeat and exercise too little, things get a bit slippery and my hips get wobbly. Don’t blame my body! I eat crap and get pimples – don’t blame my skin! When I hear people say they hate their bodies, I feel as sad as if they said they hate an innocent child. I want to say please don’t hate your body! It’s just there; you have to love it and take care of it because it loves you. “- Agnes

About dog rituals:

“I’m in Oregon and I take our golden retriever for walks at least a few times a day. I don’t wear earphones – I like to hear his dog tags ring; the click of his paws on the sidewalk; the quick way his nose sniffs when he smells a smell; the look at his fluffy bottom and his feathered tail swinging back and forth. “- Jennifer

“My dog ​​Loretta is 15 and I accompanied her every day. It changed my relationship with everyday nature. We put ’72 and sunny ‘on a pedestal, but the liveliness below zero, the softness of the deep snow and the feeling of the rain are so underestimated. “- Jules

To different chapters:

“The most amazing woman I have ever seen retired from a journalistic career at 62 and promptly enrolled in law school. She worked as a lawyer until she was 94 and died a year later. It’s never too late. “- Libbynanhttps: //cupofjo.com/2021/04/weekend-links-spring-2021/

“When I was 43, I decided to learn to ride a bike. I had had a difficult childhood where I just put it on hold. But on my 43rd birthday, I decided I was done avoiding it and got a bike. I fell, I was scared and embarrassed, but I did. Now I can ride a bike and it means so much more to me than if I had learned as a child. “- J.

“I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but I’ve let fear of vulnerability or failure or an insecure career path stop me. But this year I write all the time! I told myself that when I write I am a writer – who takes care of all the other things like readership, publication, even a career change. With all the pressure, what I have most fun is finding my voice and thinking of wild, silly things to write about. “
– Samantha

To love about yourself and others:

“Some of my most valuable practices are:
– I put my hand on my partner’s back right after turning off the lights at night and think about how grateful I am to them.
– When I’m with my toddler, I sometimes remember just being fully present in his tiny joy. I’m going to run my finger over his ear, arm, plump fingers, perfect toes (etc etc etc) thinking to myself, “I did this.”
Both of these things help me ground myself which has been very helpful in the past year as I was thinking about the past / future. “- C.

“Years ago I discovered a trick to add value to myself. It’s about visualizing my future self clinging to my present self. We talk a lot about taking care of our inner child, and it helps, right? Well, if I can understand and love my former self, then I can imagine that my future self is taking care of me right now. It is the giving and receiving of love from this past and future that really makes me less insecure. The growth never stops. “- Stacy

What would you add to the list?

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