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The SimpleNexus platform now supports remote locking via Notarize

Real estate and mortgage solution provider SimpleNexus announced a partnership with Notarize This will activate eClosings on his platform.

SimpleNexus eClose now supports Remote Online Notarization (RON) so that lenders can work efficiently and completely digitally eClosings. The built-in eSign features allow borrowers to sign documents on any web-enabled device, including cell phones.

Smart workflows improve lender efficiency by automatically updating documents on all platforms and notifying lenders when the actions are complete. By closing the portal access for settlement agents, they will be more involved in the process.

SimpleNexus is currently working with Notarize to provide the RON portion of its eClosing process, but plans to expand with other RON providers in the future.

“SimpleNexus is committed to providing lenders with a one-stop shop that guides borrowers seamlessly throughout the home ownership journey,” said Cathleen Schreiner Gates, president of SimpleNexus, in a statement.

“RON’s additional ability to enable full eClose gives lenders and borrowers the choice to make the closing as digital as they want. In addition to an improved borrower experience, full eClose offers lenders a significant return on innovation with improved operational efficiency, greater data integrity, and faster lending to the secondary market. “

With the addition of RON to SimpleNexus eClose, lenders can provide borrowers with a fully digital single sign-on home purchase experience from application to completion. Currently 32 US states enable Complete eClosings in which all loan completion documents are electronically signed and notarized. RON bills were introduced in several other federal states and at the federal level.

“Remote online notarization wires the closing experience for the digital age, making it easy, more efficient and more secure to close anytime, anywhere,” said Pat Kinsel, co-founder and CEO of Notarize, in a statement. “In all market conditions, consumers are demanding the technology that streamlines closing and Notarize is excited to be on the SimpleNexus eClose platform to close that ‘last mile’ of the transaction and make full eClosings a reality.”

Increasingly, many experts believe that 2021 will be a significant year For mortgage technology, many lenders and solution providers are upgrading their tech stack after the surge in originations over the past year.

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