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How to drink more water without realizing it

Isn’t it funny how some people love to drink water all day while others find the hydration a total and total burden? It’s just one of the many wild and wonderful ways that everyone is different. But have you ever wondered how to drink more water? Whether you need to talk yourself into it or just want a few little mindfulness tips, we have it all for you.

There are many reasons someone might have trouble staying hydrated. You may find yourself at a stage in your life where you feel more distracted than usual, or you don’t even realize you’re dehydrated, or you just don’t enjoy the taste. Regardless of the reason, it is always a good idea to be clear about how much water we are eating. Even slight dehydration can seriously affect the body!

We’ve all heard the old adage about drinking eight cups of water a day, but that’s not entirely true, according to the Mayo Clinic. The US National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine found that adequate daily fluid intake is about 15.5 cups per day for men and 11.5 cups per day for women. That’s so much more! So knowing how to drink more water is imperative, even if you don’t mind.

For a comprehensive overview of proper hydration and drinking more water, we reached out to a registered nutritionist, certified diabetes advisor, and lactation consultant, Sharon Arnold-Haier. During her extensive work with infants and those who are pregnant before conception and after giving birth, she emphasizes the importance of adequate hydration as part of maintaining good health.

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Many will be disappointed to know that holding on to coffee, juice, or seltzer just isn’t enough to keep you adequately hydrated. Arnold-Haier points out that “Coffee is a diuretic and, if consumed in excess, can have dehydrating effects.” Drinking a glass of water before and after a cup of coffee can reduce these effects.

Juice, she explains, is essentially sugar water. “The water in the juice provides moisture, but I recommend consuming the juice in moderation due to the high sugar content. The sugar in the juice is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and can raise blood sugar to high levels in those with insulin resistance. Excess sugar is stored as fat when the body doesn’t need it for energy. “

However, there are reservations! Pure vegetable juice (with no added fruit juice) can be a great drink for those who prefer to hydrate with a bit of flavor. Arnold-Haier’s personal favorite is sugar-free green juice. And when it comes to seltzer, it’s complicated. She says, “Seltzer should hydrate just like pure water – but some people drink less Seltzer than water because the carbonic acid fills their stomachs quickly.” And therein lies the problem!

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So what can we do to prioritize drinking water during the day, especially when we are busy with work?

“I want to make sure I have a glass of water at certain parts of the day that are easy to remember. This also applies when I wake up after lunch, before my pick-me-up drink in the afternoon, and after dinner. If you have a water cooler at work, refill your bottle immediately when you get there and whenever you take toilet breaks. Make sure you take your water with you on the go. I’m especially careful about moisturizing right after I wake up and after a workout. “

Pro tip: “It can be helpful to make a note of the temperature you prefer for your water. Personally, I like my water room temperature and am more motivated to drink it at my preferred temperature. “

Why are some of us more inclined to enjoy drinking water while others struggle to prioritize it? While nature vs. grooming definitely comes into play, Arnold-Haier believes this could be partly related to activity level. “If you are more active during the day, you are more likely to be thirsty.

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Are there times in our lives when mindful hydration is particularly important?

We should always make hydration a priority, but Arnold-Hair reminds us that “In hot climates with activity and when you are breastfeeding and pregnant, you need to increase your hydration. The color of your urine is a good indicator of hydration. (The ideal color is light yellow. ”)

And while we all know that water is king, she mentions that “there are other interesting ways to hydrate like broths, unsweetened herbal teas, coconut water, fermented drinks, and fresh fruits and vegetables”.

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What products can we use to remind ourselves to drink water?

“I wear an Apple Watch, and when I’m asked to breathe, I remind them to take a few sips of water.” Arnold-Haier adds: “I also love water infusions. I like adding citrus fruits like grapefruit, lemon, orange, and lime to my water because I’m more motivated to drink with a little more flavor. “Who doesn’t love fancy spa water? You can buy one that lives in your refrigerator or that will travel with you.

Water bottles

There’s also nothing quite like a fancy new reusable water bottle to encourage additional water usage. We are part of this adorable one from bkr, Klean Kanteen and S’well.

Do you want to get high tech? Check out the Hidrate Spark 3 Smart Water Bottle. This unique water bottle actually tracks your water intake. It is Bluetooth-enabled and is combined with an associated app that you can use to achieve your daily drinking goals. If you prefer something a little more lo-fi, you’ll love the Life Bottle Time Marked Water Bottle. Big enough to keep hydrated for a full day, this BPA-free bottle has time markers to encourage timely consumption.

Water filter

If the water from your faucet or filter tastes a bit funky, you are much less inclined to drink on purpose. It may be time to update your filtration system. The Soma water filter is as aesthetic as it is effective. This shatterproof filter clarifies water with an activated coconut shell and carbon filter that protects the water from chlorine, mercury, zinc, copper and disgusting tastes or smells.

If you’re looking to make a solid investment, the Royal Berkey water purifier is for you. It sets the standard for water filters around the world and can be used for drinking water from the tap or from challenging environments such as wells, rivers and lakes. You will definitely be motivated to have a drink of water when you have this beauty in your home.

Do you wanna keep it simple Add a tap holder water filter to your sink. You don’t even have to reach into the refrigerator for fresh, filtered water – perfect if you’re a room temperature water lover like Arnold-Haier.

Need more Beautify your water habits with new accessories:

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