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Tuned Global teams with fitness brand Psycle London are developing a music streaming app for home training

Music streaming technology specialist Tuned Global has partnered with Psycle London in the UK to create a playlist app for the home fitness brand’s 70+ instructors.

The app essentially allows teachers to become their own virtual DJs, with the ability to create bespoke playlists from an audio catalog of millions, including music from major and independent artists.

Instructors also have access to special features including the ability to search tracks by BPM and add customizable transitions. According to Tuned Global, the app allows users to better customize their home workouts.

The app is based on Tuned Global’s white label streaming technology, which has been adapted for the fitness industry.

MBW wrote about Tuned Global’s technology back in September when the company unveiled UFC Ultimate Sound, the first music streaming app for the mixed martial arts brand that connected UFC super fans with fighters through curated playlists.

According to Tuned Global, the administrators of Psycle London can use the proprietary content management system Autotuned to adapt the app in real time from the point of view of the editorial team, the catalog and user management.

In addition, Tuned Global will manage the recording and reporting of Psycle music catalogs to record labels and publishers.

Tuned Global says it will also assist Psycle in licensing discussions with record labels and rights holders to further expand its content pool.

Today’s news is a move that further integrates the home fitness and music streaming businesses, both of which have seen a pandemic boom.

In the UK, where Psycle London is based, more than 155 million albums were bought or streamed in 2020, an 8.2% increase, according to the record label association BPI.

Wellness app installs hit 1.2 billion in 2020 while the broader fitness industry is at an all-time high with estimated annual sales of an estimated £ 1.9 billion.

Peloton, the exercise equipment and virtual fitness class brand, reported that the number of remote fitness class participants reached around 1.1 million for the quarter ended June 30, 2020.

In turn, the platform quickly made celebrities from instructors like Cody Rigsby, Peloton Cycling Director and, more recently, the profile of Vogue magazine.

In addition to its partnership with Pyscle London, Tuned Global has worked with companies such as Coca-Cola, Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, Line Music, Pizza Hut, Samsung, True Digital Group and others.

“Fitness and music have always been very closely related, but the current pandemic has led to an increase in inquiries from this sector.”

With Raso, Tuned Global

Con Raso, Co-Founder and General Manager of Tuned Global, said: “Fitness and music have always been very closely related, but the current pandemic has resulted in an increase in inquiries from the sector.

“We are excited to support Psycle London with our comprehensive music management and streaming solution for the fitness industry so that they can create and distribute online fitness experiences using commercial music.”

“The success of our in-studio product is built on the fundamentals of great music.”

David Watt, Psycle London

David Watt, CEO of Psycle London, added: “The success of our in-studio product has been built on the fundamentals of great music.

“By accessing commercial content on our digital platform, we can deliver the best possible user experience and, in combination with our industry-leading teachers, ensure that we stand out in a highly competitive market.”Music business worldwide


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