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These are the best places to buy a beach house in the US

In regions of North Carolina, Washington, and Alabama, beach homeowners probably make the most money renting out their homes.

Summer is almost here, and for those looking to go to the beach and make some cash, vacation rental giant Vacasa unveiled the best places in the US to buy a home on the coast on Friday.

Vacasa’s new beach house report identifies Cape Hatteras, North Carolina as the top spot for a beach house. The area is part of the island of Hatteras and is dotted with houses just a few meters from the sea. According to Vacasa, the region has an average home sales price of $ 379,248.

The report adds that Cape Hatteras also has the tallest brick lighthouse in the US and is surrounded by beach towns.

Vacasa’s report is based on a variety of housing data combined with rental property performance statistics. In other words, it identifies the best places to own a beach house for those who rent their property, at least temporarily. And this is where Cape Hatteras really stands out.

“With a cap rate of a whopping 8.6 percent, visitors flock to Cape Hatteras for family reunions and larger gatherings – and for good reason,” the report said. “The area has an abundance of larger homes for six to 16 people, making it a perfect place to reconnect with loved ones.”

Here are the other cities on Vacasa’s list:

2. Ocean Shores, Washington

Cap rate: 7.8 percent

Average retail price: $ 250,255

3. Dauphin Island, Alabama

Cap rate: 7.8 percent

Average Selling Price $ 289,623

4. New Buffalo, Michigan

Cap rate: 7.1 percent

Average retail price: $ 319,306

5. Corolla, North Carolina

Cap rate: 6.9 percent

Average retail price: $ 560,599

6. Kauai South, Hawaii

Cap rate: 6.2 percent

Average retail price: $ 593,554

7. Isle of Palms, South Carolina

Cap rate: 5.8 percent

Average retail price: $ 708,920

8. Wailea, Hawaii

Cap rate: 5.6 percent

Average retail price: $ 885,086

9. South Kohala, Hawaii

Cap rate: 5.6 percent

Average retail price: $ 639,908

10. Bolivar Peninsula, Texas

Cap rate: 5.6 percent

Average retail price: $ 299,354

In addition to identifying profitable vacation rental markets, Vacasa’s report finds that the company recently conducted a survey and found that 57 percent of its guests are planning a beach getaway in the coming months.

Vacasa has become a dominant force in the vacation rental industry in recent years. The company was founded a decade ago and was the largest rental company of its kind in North America through 2018. It has since grown even bigger through a series of acquisitions.

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