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The 15 Best Stress Reliever Products That Will Help You Find Your Chills

There is no getting around it, the stress has been at an all-time high for well over a year. Even the most graceful and serene of us struggle as we have been challenged in countless unimaginable ways. So you can imagine how I, a historically indelible and uncomposed woman, got along. (Spoiler alert: not good!) That’s why I’m on a mission to find the best stress reliever products.

As much as I enjoy having the temperament of a frightened and forever trembling Chihuahua, it is time for a much-needed break. It does not serve anyone, let alone ourselves, when we are in a constant state of tension. And since everyone has different circumstances to deal with, we’ve put together a range of stress relief perks for all kinds of situations, budgets, and needs.

Taking time out to analyze our needs can feel indulgent, but it’s important not only for general well-being, but also for mental and physical health. Stress can take an incredible toll, and it will only intensify over time, so even the smallest steps to relieve stress can have a big impact. If you only have a few moments to meditate quickly, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re walking around the house and don’t have time to sit, you can still indulge in a bit of aromatherapy to soothe the senses.

Read on for the 14 best stress relief products:

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personal hygiene

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Dry brushing not only removes dead cells, keeping your skin glowing and smooth, it also boosts blood circulation and sends feel-good endorphins to your brain.

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This particular type of time is a well known stress reliever. This discreet and chic looking vibe is also waterproof, which is incredibly handy when your morning shower is the only time of day that you have a minimum of privacy.

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Beat those tense, aching muscles in submission with this powerful theragun. It’s definitely an investment, but it’s worth relaxing.

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Ideally, someone is on hand for a relaxing and stress-relieving massage, but in case you are alone, this sweetie has double duty as bath oil. Take some time to light a candle and melt it into a warm, soothing bath with this fragrant, soothing oil.

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Roll that stress out of your body with this foam roller. It relaxes tight muscles, relieves pain, stimulates the senses, and is a great way to take a moment to take care of yourself.

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Take some time to pamper your skin with this ultra-hydrating face mask. Self-care can be a great stress reliever, which is so important in dealing with life’s many challenges.

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Mental health

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Even if you only have a few minutes a day, adjusting the time to meditate can be a wonderful way to calm your mind. If your stress and anxiety keep you up at night, watch the sleep shows – I rarely fall asleep without hearing an episode!

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The Happify program provides you with tools and techniques to make positive change and instill a sense of calm and wellbeing. This app was developed by scientists and experts studying evidence-based interventions in the areas of positive psychology, mindfulness, and cognitive behavioral therapy. Prices vary depending on the program and are definitely worth checking out.

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Keep your hands busy and your mind calm with a simple therapy dough. It is based on clay used by art therapists and is infused with essential oils for stress relief.

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As a long-time supporter of the weighted blanket, I like to refer to mine as a “diaper for fearful maids”. I’ve never slept better! It turns out that cuddling under evenly distributed weight results in deeper natural sleep, lowering stress and anxiety by reducing cortisol, and increasing serotonin.

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HUM uses an adaptogenic formula with Rhodiola Rosea root extract that helps the body deal with stress and promotes a sense of calm and focus.

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There’s a reason CBD is so sought after these days – it’s not just a passing trend. It can help you relax without feeling lightheaded and is an easy way to get a little relief while you are still going through your day.

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Not only are these CBD gummy bears an effective stress management tool, they are also super tasty.

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This tasty mix is ​​basically a hot chocolate that will also make your skin glow, fight puffiness, and help relieve stress. It contains seven superfoods, including cocoa, which promotes the production of anandamide, the happiness molecule.

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These daily nutritional supplements are made with a blend of four powerful adaptogenic herbs that help regulate cortisol to reduce the effects of stress.

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This essential oil blend is specially formulated to induce a sense of calm and relieve stress. It is infused with tarragon and incense to improve and stabilize the mood. It has a nice light scent of wood, herbs and hints of flowers. Dab it on your wrists and temples when you start experiencing tension headaches.

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How beautiful is this smooth porcelain oil diffuser? Add a few drops of soothing essential oils like lavender and eucalyptus and see how quickly this affects your mood for the better.

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Stay calm on the go with this cute little stress relief kit. It contains a tension-releasing oil blend, a tension inhaler, and a Relax O-ring finger massager.


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