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Jeffrey Epstein’s “House of Secrets” is demolished.

Months after a property developer agreed to buy it for its property value, demolition teams have already begun demolishing convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion in Palm Beach.

As the Palm Beach Daily News first reported, real estate developer Todd Michael Glaser is thrilled to “finally” see the mansion where police found an expired passport, cash and diamonds and phone books with the names of underage girls during a raid in 2005 on the ground. Glazer bought the property at 358 El Brillo Way in March for approximately $ 18.5 million.

Glaser had announced plans to use it for his property value while the proceeds from the sale would go to a victim compensation fund negotiated after Epstein committed suicide while on trial for running a comprehensive global sex trafficking program with minors Girl waited.

“I was only involved in the sale of Jeffrey Epstein’s residence to make sure it was removed from the Palm Beach map,” Glaser representative Lawrence A. Moens told the Palm Beach Daily News in a rare comment about a sale Epstein’s previous characteristics.

A permit to demolish the house was granted last week and the BG Group crews from Delray Beach were on duty as of Monday. Pictures from the construction site show a backhoe loader working through heaps of rubble on which the magnificent 14,000 square meter property once stood. A swimming pool is being demolished and replenished, while parts of the former home, including a balcony and stairs, could still be seen amid the rubble.

Boom! Jeffrey Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion is no more. https://t.co/RXwhvlk2FI via @pbpost

– Julie k. brown (@jkbjournalist) April 19, 2021

Epstein bought the Palm Beach property in 1990 for $ 2.5 million and personalized it to be as eye-catching as possible – the initials “JE” once hung in raised brass letters above the front door. Along with a New York townhouse that signed a $ 50 million deal last month, it’s the site of many alleged assaults by minors, perpetrated by police victims and in a Netflix documentary Jefffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich have been described.

“Palm Beach will be very happy it’s gone,” Glaser told the Wall Street Journal when he committed to purchase the property in November 2020.

While allegations were first made in the 2000s that Epstein had abused dozens of underage girls and police raided the Palm Beach property in 2005, one plea initially helped Epstein avoid federal charges and only served 13 months in jail because two state crimes were committed including the recruitment of a minor. As shown in the Netflix documentary, dozens of underage girls were reportedly brought in as so-called masseuses and later sexually abused at the Brillo Way estate.

“I think the symbolic power of destroying the House of Secrets cannot be overstated,” Brad Edwards, a Palm Beach attorney who represents dozens of women who claim they were molested by Epstein, told them Daily News. “I imagine there will be some relief that the nightmare of what was going on in the house has been buried to some extent.”

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