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Transaction management from real estate experts for MLSs

For many busy real estate professionals, access to critical tools is essential. While transaction management software can help manage and organize documents in digital form, there are often other features that are simply not included. For most of the platforms currently available in the market, the basic requirement is to provide a way to generate and fill out forms.

But what if there was a tool that also gave you the ability to access so much more?

This is Docs + Transaction Management from Remine. Tech-savvy real estate professionals can use this tool to conduct business from anywhere.

With the fast paced nature of the real estate industry and the need for on-the-go features, quick access to critical documents requires technology that can keep up with a realtor’s lifestyle. MLSs can’t waste time wondering about the effectiveness of the tools offered to their members. An effective transaction management tool is really a cornerstone in building a successful workflow and lasting customer relationships.

While the demands of the industry are higher than ever, a solution developed by real estate experts for MLS is a necessity for progress. With the Docs + Transaction Management solution, agents, administrators, brokers, associations and MLS can adapt forms, checklists, clauses and provisions. The bespoke brokerage functionality enables brokers to submit, review / approve, in-app commenting, save and customize back office at no extra charge. Brokers can distribute content to their agents so they can create contracts in minutes while bringing in the content they need.

When comparing transaction management tools, it is important to evaluate Remine’s bespoke differences. Contracts made using Smart Form technology are not typical PDFs. These contracts are cloud-based documents that are live, collaborative, and editable.

Remine’s Docs + Transaction Management also offers a multitude of functions on a single platform including a sophisticated clause system, a fully functional PDF markup tool, highlighting and tracking of changes / edits, document creation and distribution, brokerage -Branding for forms and emails as well as the creation of checklists and distribution, impersonation for the cooperation of agents and much more.

As professionals in the real estate industry, a smooth transaction is of course always of crucial importance. With the integrated and modern transaction management solution Docs +, you can expect tailor-made service and access to a team of experts. Experience the difference of Remine and learn more about our product suite, which includes Docs + Transaction Management, at info.remine.com/products.

About remine

Remine transforms MLS software solutions. We offer a full MLS 2.0® operating system for MLSs that includes Remine Pro (a full front-end operating system), add / edit, database and RESO Platinum API solutions. In addition, Remine offers SSO Dashboard, Docs + Transaction Management and MLS website and is ISO 27001 certified.
We’re built by real estate industry experts who know what it’s like to be in the trenches. We understand the need for transparency and ease because we were there too. Everyone at Remine, from software engineers to support specialists, knows what it takes to overcome barriers to modernizing the industry. We wake up every day ready to help our MLS and agents implement strategies that will strengthen their business.


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