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The overhaul of the Keller Williams leadership team is ongoing

The company will have a new Chief Financial Officer and Chief People Officer, as well as a new Head of Business Development.

Keller Williams continued his executive hiring phase on Monday when it was announced that it had hired two new C-suite executives and a new business development manager.

The new hires include Mark Foley, who will serve as Chief People Officer for Keller Williams-Holding KWx, and Stacie Shirley, who will act as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at KWx. In addition, the company has hired Travis Peace, whose title will be Head of Business Development and Relationships.

Mark Foley

In a statement announcing the new hires, Keller Williams Co-Founder Gary Keller said, “Our ongoing commitment to amassing the talent to best advance our vision for the future of real estate is clear.”

Immediately before joining Keller Williams that month, Foley was president of a recruitment firm for two years.

Prior to that, he served for more than five and a half years as the chief people officer and senior vice president of Raley’s, a California grocery chain. He also held leadership positions at 24 Hour Fitness and previously worked at Raley’s for 10 years.

Stacie Shirley

Shirley joins Keller Williams from the household products retailer Tuesday morning, where she was executive vice president and CFO for nearly five and a half years.

Prior to her Tuesday morning time, Shirley held a number of senior executive positions at retailer Neiman Marcus, where she worked for more than 14 years.

From the beginning of the nineties she also worked as Vice President at the computer retailer CompUSA.

Travis Peace

Peace previously served as Senior Vice President, Mortgage at financial technology startup Tomo. He spent more than a decade in leadership roles at USAA, the insurance and financial services provider of the US military.

The three new employees join Keller Williams less than a month after the company announced several other high-profile appointments, including a new chief legal officer. In October, the company named Carl Liebert as its new Chief Executive Officer – a move that later moved co-founder Gary Keller from CEO of Keller Williams to Executive Chairman of KWx.

Liebert was hired at the same time the company announced the creation of KWx, which includes Keller Williams itself, Keller Williams Worldwide, Keller Offers, and Keller Home Financial Services.

The restructuring has led to speculation that the company may go public in the near future.

When asked about a possible IPO on Monday, a spokesperson told Inman that Keller Williams understands that there is speculation on the matter, but that the company is currently focused on, “Alignment, scalability and efficiency in our Keller Williams ecosystem to accomplish”.

“And with our newest world-class executives, we again demonstrate our deep commitment to delivering the best agent-driven, integrated customer experience in real estate,” added the spokesman. “The formation of KWx gets us there faster.”

Carl Liebert

Liebert was also optimistic about the new hires.

“As we continue our vision of delivering a seamless home ownership experience that goes beyond the transaction,” Liebert said in a statement, “I am confident that Mark, Stacie and Travis, along with the combined strength of our company, will lead the way.” Executives in our KW ecosystem to further drive our strong culture, innovative technology and record-breaking growth. “

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