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3 Ecommerce Marketing Mistakes That Are Easy To Make

80% of e-commerce companies will fail in the first two fiscal years. If you are an ecommerce business owner this is an amazing and daunting statistic that will likely keep you busy at night. It’s especially daunting because you’re likely already overworked and turning your wheels to bring it all together.

You have to manage inventory, maintain customers, a website that needs to run at lightning speed. When should you find the time to do marketing? In addition, between twelve and twenty-four million e-commerce shops are currently active. How should you get ahead? How can you compete with twenty-four million other people?

Because marketing and business advice varies from expert to expert, determining how to spend your time and budget can be difficult. Rather than focusing on all of the things you could do, we’re going to break down the three things you shouldn’t be doing.

If you can avoid these three ecommerce mistakes, you are well on your way to beat the odds.

Mistake # 1: Not having a focused strategy.

Marketing can’t just go blind. Instead, you need to create a well-thought-out strategy to achieve your goals. First, identify your target audience. Who are your customers and what do they think about? Build all of your marketing materials around this target audience. If you need help identifying your target demo, create a buyer personality. ((Hubspot has a great free tool to help you).

After you know who your prospects are, create a marketing strategy that makes sense to them. Are your buyers hanging out on social media? Create a plan to advertise on social media. Are your buyers mostly coming from Google? Perhaps you should focus your strategy on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or Google PPC Ads.

Once you’ve established your population size and set some clear goals, it is easy to see which areas of marketing are worth your time and which are not. Then it’s about developing a focused strategy that uses the marketing paths that make sense for you.

Mistake # 2: Failure to optimize.

Your website is your storefront. If it doesn’t look great, why would people want to shop there? You should make sure that various aspects of your website are optimized.

For one, 67.2% of ecommerce shoppers shop on their phones. So if your website is not optimized for mobile devices, you are missing out on a ton of potential business. In addition, site security and site speed have an impact on customer experience and search engine optimization efforts. If your website is slow or does not have adequate security, you can fail yourself.

“If your ecommerce store isn’t set up to track analytics, you are missing critical data to grow. Make sure you have some kind of analytical tracking enabled on your ecommerce website. “- Marla DiCarlo from Rain catcher.

Mistake # 3: Forgetting to test.

Any marketer who guarantees results the first try is lying to you because marketing isn’t sleek and dry. Sometimes the first thing you try works, but sometimes it flops. That’s okay. This is marketing.

The part of marketing that nobody talks about is testing. No matter what you are doing to market your ecommerce store, you should test it out. Whether it’s a landing page, social media post, email, PPC ad, or web design, there are some tests that you should do and see the results.

For example, try to split test a product landing page. Send some traffic to one side and some of it to the other. Then you will see which side converts better. You can do the same with ads, emails, and social media posts. You need to keep track of every dollar you spend on marketing. Open these analyzes and look at the data.

See what makes you the most money and remove things that aren’t. Keep testing until you are sure you have the best marketing machine for you.

Bonus tip: just be with yourself.

Running an e-commerce business is difficult. Make sure you don’t take on too much and take breaks along the way. You will make mistakes with the marketing side of things and that is perfectly normal.

Just be with you. They have some tough odds stacked against you. However, if you avoid these marketing mistakes and stay committed, you are well on your way to ecommerce success.

Andrea Erickson is a marketing and business writer. She specializes in writing content that helps entrepreneurs learn how to sell a business. how to rate a business and creating exit planning strategies so that you get the maximum value for your company.


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