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How to book round-trip flights to Hawaii for just 26,000 AmEx or Chase points

Hawaii has excellent beaches, active volcanoes, and lush mountains incredible resorts. But depending on where you’re flying from, it can be quite expensive to get there.

Points and miles can help reduce these costs. Unfortunately, many airline mile programs treat Hawaii as a separate region from the US mainland and then offer Hawaii award awards with a reward. But there is a trick to get to Hawaii cheaper: book your tickets through certain international miles programs.

One of the best ways to fly to Hawaii with points and miles is to book round-trip flights to Hawaii for 26,000 points through British Airways.

British Airways’ sweet spot in Hawaii

British Airways uses a distance-based award table. This means that the price of an award flight depends on the distance of the flight. Although British Airways doesn’t publish its map, we’ve found that partner award flights between 2,001 and 3,000 miles cost only 13,000 Avios, or points, each way.

Both American Airlines and Alaska Airlines are partners with British Airways. So you can book an American or Alaska Award for a flight up to 3,000 miles away for just 13,000 Avios. That’s far enough to include dozens of routes between the mainland and Hawaii – as you’ll see below.

However, there are some limitations to this sweet spot. British Airways awards flights by segment; If you have a connecting route, British Airways charges Avios for each flight. This sweet spot really only works on non-stop flights.

Also, you can only take advantage of this sweet spot when rewards are available. If American Airlines or Alaska do not offer the availability of savings awards on a flight, you cannot book them with partner mileage programs.

Which routes from mainland USA to Hawaii are suitable?

There are currently more than 30 Hawaii routes that cost just 26,000 round-trip flights on British Airways Avios. Note that some routes may only operate seasonally and airlines may add or remove routes. At the time of writing, this lists all American and Alaskan routes between the mainland and Hawaii less than 3,000 miles away.

Routes to Honolulu, Oahu

These US departure airports will take you to Honolulu and back for 26,000 Avios.

  1. Anchorage – Alaska only.

  2. Los Angeles – Americans and Alaska.

  3. Phoenix – Americans only.

  4. Portland – Alaska only.

  5. San Diego – Alaska only.

  6. San Francisco – Alaska only.

  7. San Jose – Alaska only.

Routes to Kahului, Maui

Fly to Kahului from the following airports for a round-trip ticket on 26,000 Avios.

  1. Anchorage – Alaska only.

  2. Los Angeles – Americans and Alaska.

  3. Phoenix – Americans only.

  4. Portland – Alaska only.

  5. San Diego – Alaska only.

  6. San Francisco – Alaska only.

  7. San Jose – Alaska only.

Routes to Lihue, Kauai

Depart from these mainland US airports and travel to and from Lihue for 26,000 Avios.

  1. Los Angeles – Americans and Alaska.

  2. Phoenix – Americans only.

  3. Portland – Alaska only.

  4. San Diego – Alaska only.

  5. San Jose – Alaska only.

Routes to Kailua-Kona, Big Island

These US-based departure airports will take you to and from Kailua-Kona for 26,000 Avios.

  1. Anchorage – Alaska only.

  2. Los Angeles – Americans and Alaska.

  3. Phoenix – Americans only.

  4. Portland – Alaska only.

  5. San Diego – Alaska only.

  6. San Jose – Alaska only.

How to check for the availability of rewards

The availability of awards depends on which airline you fly.

For American Airlines flights

American Airlines Awards availability is posted on the British Airways website. That makes it really easy to find and then book award flights. Begin your search by logging into your Executive Club account and then navigating Book flights with Avios page.

Enter your departure airport, destination airport, date and number of passengers. Then click on “Get Flights” to start your search.

If rewards are not available on the date you want, you can easily find rewards availability on nearby dates by clicking the date tabs at the top of the results.

Once you’ve searched for a round-trip flight, scroll down through all outbound options to see the availability of awards on the return flight.

Once you have selected flights, a “Trip Summary” section will confirm your selection and display the full price of your itinerary. In this case, the Los Angeles to Honolulu round-trip ticket is 26,000 Avios and only $ 11.20 out of pocket.

Alaska Airlines flights

Unfortunately, the British Airways website does not display Alaska Airlines awards availability in the same way. That means there are other ways to look for Alaskan Rewards availability.


If you have an ExpertFlyer membership, you can use it to search for Alaska Rewards availability.


Alternatively, you can use American Airlines’ award finder tool to determine the availability of Alaska awards. To simplify search results, filter for Nonstop Only and limit yourself to Alaska Airlines Awards:

Do not use the Alaska Airlines website

We do not recommend using Alaska’s website to check for rewards availability, because Alaska Award prices vary based on the distance and popularity of a route. You may see a flight that is bookable with Alaska miles and not bookable with partner miles.

Now that you’ve verified the availability of rewards, it’s time to transfer points into Avios.

How to transfer points from other programs to British Airways

From American Express Membership Rewards to British Airways

First, log into your American Express account and navigate to AmEx rewards page. Click the Transfer Points tab, then click Show All to view all transfer partners.

Scroll to the British Airways Executive Club and click on “Transfer Points”. Link your Executive Club account and enter the number of Membership Rewards points you wish to transfer.

Make sure you have an AmEx card on hand. You may need to verify your identity by entering the security codes on one of your AmEx cards before you can submit the transfer.

From Chase Ultimate Rewards® to British Airways

To transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards® points to British Airways, first log into your Chase account. Navigate to Chase Ultimate Rewards® Affiliate Programs Page. Scroll down and click “Transfer Points” on the British Airways tile.

Select yourself (or an authorized user) as the recipient and enter your British Airways Executive Club number twice. Then click Next”.

Enter the number of points you would like to transfer to British Airways. Then click Next”.

The next page gives you the option to review the transfer before clicking “Confirm and Submit” to start the transfer.

How do I book these flights?

As soon as you have enough Avios in your account, it is time to book your award.

American Airlines flights

To book American Airlines awards, check the British Airways website for award availability as shown above. When you have selected the flights you want, click “Next” to proceed with the booking process.

The next page will confirm your selection, price, change, refund, and award booking conditions. If everything looks good, click the “I accept the Terms of Use” check box, then click the “Next” button to continue.

On the next page, enter passenger names, personal information, and contact information. Click “Next” to go to the payment page. Enter credit card information to pay taxes and fees. When everything is entered, click “Make Booking” to book the flight.

Alaska Airlines flights

Alaska Airlines award flights cannot be booked through the British Airways website. So call the British Airways Executive Club to book these awards. After determining award availability, call the British Airways Executive Club at 800-452-1201 between 7:30 am and 8:00 pm Eastern Time to book the award.

The final result

When you book American or Alaska Awards through British Airways, you can earn return flights to Hawaii for 26,000 Avios / points. Even better, using British Airways Avios unlocks the ability to use AmEx or Chase points on award flights to America or Alaska – although neither airline is an AmEx or Chase transfer partner.

How to Maximize Your Rewards

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