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Via Time Tours provides industry-wide mobile apps for planning demonstrations

The About Time Tours iOS and Android app is ready to use and is looking for MLS and broker partnerships to streamline personal property tours. It is the second alternative based in Bend, Oregon.

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A second home, showing software solutions from the city of Bend, Oregon, came into being after the industry reacted negatively to Zillow’s takeover of long-time category leader Showingtime.

About Time Tours joins Bend-based neighbor Instashowing to offer real estate agents and MLS boards an alternative to Zillow.

A company press release described the mobile app as a comprehensive solution “developed by real estate agents for real estate agents”.

Available to both iPhone and Android users, the app will be integrated with several listing services to automate the entry and storage of listing data according to agent and broker account information.

According to the press release, Time Tours can also work directly with MLSs for corporate solutions. Account holders can pay monthly or annually.

The application experience is categorized by schedule, navigating, viewing, notifying, and feedback.

Functions include MLS data integration for searching on a map and MLS number basis, online calendar for availability coordination and on-demand display of inquiries, navigation on the travel route, sharing of real estate content (images, notes, etc.) .), Notifications from the seller of arrival and departure times, and buyer feedback requests.

Approved and planned home tours are automatically sent to buyers, who can also add notes to the app while viewing a home. All content entered by the customer is saved with each entry for each tour.

Company co-founder Matt McCoun said the app was developed based on the need to give agents time and control.

“As a real estate agent, I found planning home tours time consuming and frustrating for everyone involved,” he said in the press release. “By streamlining every step of the planning and home tours process, agents can focus on what they do best – interact with customers and sell more homes!”

Inman is currently planning a demonstration of the About Time Tours product for review.

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Craig C. Rowe started commercial real estate at the start of the dotcom boom, helping a number of commercial real estate companies build their online presence and analyze internal software decisions. He now assists agents with technology decisions and marketing by reviewing software and technology for Inman.


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