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The South and Midwest rule Rent.com’s cheapest cities list

In addition to the freedom to work remotely, many Americans have taken the opportunity to leave the country’s most expensive coastal centers for greener, cheaper pastures. Although most renters have limited their moves to nearby suburbs, there are plenty of secondary markets with a great mix of convenience and affordability.

Springfield, Missouri; Fargo, North Dakota; Greensboro, North Carolina; Tucson, Arizona; and Grand Forks, North Dakota topped Rent.com’s list of the 50 cheapest cities in America. The average rent for a two-bedroom apartment barely exceeded $ 1,000 – a steal compared to the median prices in Boston ($ 4,728), New York City ($ 4,927), and Santa Monicao ($ 4,428) for a similar unit (the latest report by realtor.com put the average rent for two bedrooms in New York even higher at USD 5,200).

“Right now we’re all trying to find cheaper alternatives for everything in our lives,” the report said. “That can mean you don’t have to go out to eat or delay buying a new car. For many, however, finding a cheaper apartment is not only economical, it is also necessary. “

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Springfield topped the package with the average cost of a studio ($ 615), one-bedroom ($ 636), or two-bedroom ($ 826) unit, all of which were less than $ 1,000. While Springfield is picturesque compared to Kansas City and St. Louis, the city has plenty of amenities for nature lovers and historians looking to explore Route 66 and nearby Branson.

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Fargo took second place with median rents ranging from $ 604 for a studio to $ 851 for a two-bedroom apartment. Despite the cold weather, Fargo has consistently been named one of the best emerging cities in the US thanks to a healthy job market, resilient small businesses and start-up growth, and a burgeoning downtown scene.

“The city has a surprisingly hip downtown scene filled with trendy restaurants and gastropubs, as well as an unexpected abundance of public art, a prestigious gallery and museum, and a world-class film festival,” the report said. “Mixed with a lot of quiet neighborhoods and extensive farmland, there is something for everyone.”

Greensboro Highway (photo by Will Suddreth on Unsplash) and Tuscon Cacti (photo by Frankie Lopez on Unsplash)

Greensboro and Tucson ranked third, with average two-bedroom rents in both cities barely exceeding the $ 1,000 mark. Renters can find a studio in Greensboro for $ 693 and a bedroom for $ 839. Tenants in Tucson can expect similar rates. The average studio is $ 648 and the average bedroom is $ 837.

Greensboro has a strong academic community and rich arts and culture scene with the Weatherspoon Art Museum, Greensboro Science Center, International Civil Rights Museum, and Greensboro Arboretum. The city is known for its tobacco and textile industries. Kool and Wrangler call Greensboro their home.

Like Greensboro, Tucson has a strong academic community that attracts young professionals looking to enter education and engineering spaces. Home to the University of Arizona, Tucson is a bonafide university town with plenty of entertainment and amenities for students and residents alike. The city also has a vibrant Latinx community as it is only 70 miles from the US-Mexico border.

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At the end of the field is Grand Forks, North Dakota’s second smallest town with a population of 55,389. Thankfully, rental rates match the town’s small-town charm and the median rent for a two-bedroom apartment is $ 1,039.

Grand Forks is the perfect place for athletes, nature lovers, and nature lovers, as the city is surrounded by nature reserves, hiking, biking, and ski routes, as well as kayaking and rafting trips on the Red River, and extensive parks.

Downtown Des Moines (Photo by Drew Dau on Unsplash)

Mobile, Alabama; Albuquerque, New Mexico; Des Moines, Iowa; Bentonville, Arkansas; and Omaha, Nebraska rounded out the top 10 with the median rent for a two-bedroom apartment barely over $ 1,200. According to Rent.com, the majority of the country’s 50 cheapest markets are in the South and Midwest, but prices are also falling in lesser-known metropolitan areas along the coast.

“The 50 cheapest cities are still largely in the same regions, but the geography is starting to expand,” the report said. “Surprisingly, there are metropolises like Houston (28) and Phoenix (30) in the top 30. Even Dallas checks in at 49. “

“Florida eventually comes in at number 28 with Tampa, and the Mid Atlantic / Northeast ranks at number 37 in Norfolk [Virginia] in addition to Allentown [Pennsylvania] and Hartford [Connecticut]”It added.” But you won’t find a west coast city until Vancouver, Washington is at the bottom of the list. “

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