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Not sure what to do this month? Think of this as your March bucket list

It’s been quite a year and March comes like a welcome breath of fresh air. As we move into spring, we shake off the winter cold and everything that brought us last year – which was undoubtedly a lot. We started the year with gentle intent over strict resolutions (we’ve just completed our RE: SET challenge, if you’ve missed it, it’s not too late to do it yourself!) And with the aim of being gentle with ourselves to deal with, as life still looks a little different than normal.

In this endeavor, we look forward to engaging in the daily things that give us pleasure.

So cheers to the barefoot weather, the fresh breeze, the bite of a perfect spring berry and ticking off our March bucket list.

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Support your local farmers and prepare a spring-inspired meal.

Make it a weekend routine to go to the local farmers market to pick up fresh produce. Make one of those delicious spring meals with your groceries.

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Treat yourself to the ultimate facial at home.

Let’s face it, of all the things we’ve missed out on over the past year, our facial doctor is top of the list. Treat yourself to a professional facial at home with these instructions.

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Celebrate the first day of spring.

March 20th marks the first day of spring. Go outside and have a picnic or plant a small herb garden (these are the best herbs to plant in your yard)

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Jump into the spring cleaning.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we have guides for everything from your refrigerator to your bathroom to your family’s papers and files.

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Find a new way to move your body.

We are so over the type of long strenuous workouts that we fear and end up avoiding it. Instead, try something new and fun and get moving.

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Warm up your complexion.

Shed the winter pale with one of our favorite non-toxic facial tanners.

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Get your hands dirty.

Have fun throwing pottery at home. These kits contain everything you need for air dried or oven fired pottery so you can easily connect with your creativity.

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Try the lymph massage.

Your new addiction. Once you see how great you are feeling and looking, this will be a new staple in your wellness routine.

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Learn how to perfect your air dried locks.

If you haven’t turned off the blowdryer yet (hello lockdown life), now is the time to do it. Follow this guide for tips on each hair texture.

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Take it seriously to pursue your goals.

Real change happens in small increments over time. Since we are a few months out of the year, it’s common for the resolution to tire of breaking up and those goals to falter. This article provides tools to help you adhere to these.

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Make some focaccia bread.

It’s actually quite simple and the perfect addition to virtually any meal (we love this recipe). It is best to eat it warm from the oven and pull it through a piece of high-quality olive oil (we recommend Bon Furtuna – a hand-picked extra virgin olive oil from a historic family estate in Corleone, Sicily).

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DIY the perfect pin board.

Whether you are using it to plan a project, create your 2021 vision board, or pin tasks and various inspirations, a bulletin board is essential for organizing your brain.

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Plan a short vacation.

With travel still a little difficult, we love stays that are an escape in themselves. These Airbnb’s in the US will make you drool, once you get there you won’t want (or have to) leave. If you dream big, check out these Airbnb’s from around the world.

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Brew up some immunity tea.

Drink this immune boosting tea to give your system extra support when the season changes. We also love this anti-inflammatory and warming cinnamon tea before bed for a good night’s sleep.

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Beautify your room with vintage ceramics.

Take a regular terracotta pot and turn it into a vintage masterpiece using this technique. If you’re not a big handyman, we’ve selected the very best vintage pottery to shop for.

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Update your WFH look.

We’re not ready to get rid of the sweats yet, but we’re ready to upgrade our look. Get inspiration from these style icons and add to your wardrobe for spring.

What are your plans for March? Let us know below.


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