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Get rid of overwork

Have you ever found that no matter how many hours you put in, it never seems to be enough? For most of us, as we feel stress or pressure at work, we put more hours into it. This fallacy is a common belief in our culture – if we just work harder, put in more hours, and grind a little harder, we can move forward.

And yet the demands seem to exceed our hectic pace. This cycle is associated with high costs. Overwork can affect our relationships, our health, and the quality of our work. According to a Gallup studyAlmost two thirds of full-time employees suffer from burnout in their job.

If we know that revising is not producing the results we want, why do we keep doing it? Sometimes high achievers don’t know how to quit. There’s a joke on the Michael Hyatt & Co. team that we’re all restoring workaholics. We all help hold each other accountable to resist the fallacy. So how do we do it?

To break the cycle of fallacy, we must first address the why behind our actions. It begins with clearing us of the misunderstandings that lead to overwork in the first place.

5 Reasons We’re Overworking and How You Can Get rid of them

Here are five of the main reasons people fall into the fallacy trap. These mindsets are often ideas that we don’t even know are actively driving us. I want to challenge you to replace these thoughts with a new way to see life.

  • Work-life balance is a myth. I hear this idea a lot. In our culture, people see this as unreachable. And yet I am here to tell you that it is possible. In fact, it is the foundation on which Michael Hyatt & Co. is built. I call it the double win. To experience it for yourself, you have to be led to believe that it is possible.
  • Work provides the primary orientation for life. It’s easy to see why this point of view is so prevalent. Work is necessary to provide for yourself and your family when it comes to financial security. It can also become a measuring stick that we use to determine how successful we are. If you really want work-life balance, you need to prioritize both equally. Take your goals into account in all Domains Of your life.
  • Limitations affect productivity. Research actually shows that limitations increase productivity and creativity. Instead of defying the natural limits of time, energy, etc. Lean on them. Having a vision script for your life is key to determining which opportunities to pursue and which are not really a priority.
  • You should always be busy. We almost wear bustle as a badge of honor. How many times have you been asked how you are doing and proudly respond with the details of how busy you are? Instead, purposely create a margin for your day and week to allow for activities that will bring your life more fulfilling. Because of this, I use the ideal week to plan my schedule.
  • Rest wastes time that might otherwise go to work. Unless it’s proven that sleep is the key to peak performance. Sleep often suffers first when we are overworked. When you are rested, you can do your most creative and productive work.

When you are overworked, think about what thoughts are driving you. You can escape the fallacy and set yourself free to live a more balanced and fulfilling life. It all starts with a change in your mindset.


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