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5 Free Content Promotion Strategies You Make By The Thousands

“Content marketing is 60% cheaper than paid advertising – and more effective,” says Dayana Mayfield, a digital PR expert and founder of Pitch & Profit. “One of my clients stopped running paid ads because my free strategies not only did a much better job of attracting new customers, they also saved them thousands of dollars.”

If you have an online presence, you are most likely doing whatever you can to get traffic to your website. Paid advertising is usually a focal point for traffic, but there are also many ways to drive traffic without paying – much of it has to do with content creation.

The secret isn’t in creating endless blog posts. It’s actually about writing less content that is of higher quality. “With that in mind, think like a content producer rather than a content creator for a significant return on investment when you offer free content,” says Mayfield, who created a blog post 5 years ago that continues to promote free trials still registers with her customer today. Maximize your reach with any (or all) of their top five strategies for promoting free content that translates into money for your business.

5 Strategies to Promote Free Content That You Sell By The Thousands | Stephanie Burns

Kathryn White

1. Create an infographic or multimedia resource

“People in your industry are much more likely to promote your content if it has something valuable that they can’t find elsewhere,” Mayfield notes. “Instead of writing ten blog posts lacking all resources, create a high quality SEO post with a step-by-step infographic, template, checklist, video tutorial, or other resource that will serve your audience. If you share the post on social media or with your email newsletter, you are much more likely to generate organic shares from your audience and ambassadors. One of my clients created an infographic with useful statistics that showed over a hundred stocks and a top Google ranking in just one month. “

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2. Write a guest post referring to your original content

“This is my personal favorite strategy for promoting SEO content as it delivers high quality backlinks – mentions of your website on another website – while also providing more content to share on social media. Google finds that your website has a lot of backlinks and it ranks you higher on the search engine because you have so many recommendations from other websites, ”Mayfield says.

“After I’ve written a blog post targeting an important key phrase for my business, I’m going to introduce a related topic to a few online publications in my industry. In my guest post I will include a link back to the original content of my website. Then I’ll share both posts on social media. The backlink increases my chances of ranking for the valuable key phrase I was targeting. In the meantime, my social media posts keep me updated with my audience. “

3. Make your own statistics available to the media

Each year Upwork publishes its US Independent Workforce Report, which offers the media fascinating insights into the rapid growth of the gig economy and the use of freelancers in companies. The statistics included are covered in the media and hundreds of blogs. Very few companies take this opportunity to publish their own findings.

“A few years ago I was helping a large corporate client write a report on how innovative companies travel. It converted data from their customers into travel stats from tech startups. “Explains Mayfield. “My team handled the report in Inc. and we also turned it into a blog post that is still in the top three for a valuable key phrase.

“To make this idea a reality, interview your audience for insights, or responsibly analyze existing customer data and share it while attendees remain anonymous. Then make the statistics available to industry journalists. Making this an annual tradition will optimize the process over time and the media will be waiting to share your findings. “

4. Promote your SEO-optimized giveaway in a podcast

“Podcast guests are missing out on the opportunity to get SEO traffic if they give their website URL instead of an SEO-optimized giveaway at the end of an interview. This means that they only generate links back to the home page of their website – no other, more important landing pages, ”Mayfield explains.

“To get the most out of your podcast interview, consider putting the name of an SEO-optimized giveaway on your website instead. The podcast host will refer to it in the show notes. For example, if the giveaway is a list of sales email templates, you can use SEO to optimize the landing page for the key phrase “sales email templates”. Getting backlinks to this page from podcast show notes will increase your chances of ranking. By following this strategy, you can access new audiences, build backlinks to SEO pages, and at the same time generate content to share on social media. ”

5. Email your best blogs to 50 influencers

“If you’ve published a really high-quality blog post that is above anything in terms of educational or entertainment value, let people know,” Mayfield notes. “Make a list of fifty people in your industry, including non-competing marketers, consultants, influencers, and others. Email them about your new post and mention what makes it special. Maybe this is an interview with a well-known thought leader, in-house research, or one of those infographics I mentioned. By reaching out to top-notch people with your best content, you increase the likelihood that it will be shared with their large and influential audience – and that can translate into sales for you. “

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