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These are the best houseplants for beginners (no green thumb required!)

While we all wish we could call a large garden our own, many of us city dwellers (this writer included!) Are actually not fortunate enough to have an outdoor space. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t bring in a little bit from the outside. And while you could outfit your interior with indoor / outdoor furniture – we’re all in favor of an indoor hammock or rocking chair – this is the easiest way to greet this luscious summer vibe in your home is to cue and give Justina Blakeney a bring in some plants. Don’t you have a green thumb? Do not stress. We’re here to help with the best indoor plants for beginners.

Step on the threshold. The plant store was founded in 2012 to help New Yorkers add some greenery to their homes (and has since opened an online store that ships across the country and to one location in Los Angeles) process. We reached out to two of the brand’s plant experts, Erin Marino and Sarina Perez, to give us the shit about what it takes to build an indoor garden.

Your number one tip? “Honesty is the best policy,” says Sarina. It is crucial to be honest with yourself about the level of light your space is receiving – since even the best-manicured cacti will not survive in a dark corner of your living room.

And remember, says Erin, “having a green thumb is pretty much a myth. So don’t be nervous about killing a plant! Just dive in, bring a plant home and see what works for your space. “

Here they disassemble simple houseplants for beginners to turn your home into a green oasis.

picture by kristen kilpatrick

Bright light

Due to their drought-resistant character, succulents are some of the easiest plants to keep alive. And while you don’t have to worry about watering them more than once a month, Marino and Perez stress that you want to make sure that the giant cactus or aloe vera plant you’ve brought home gets enough light . Marino also recommends getting a Haworthia or Echeveria succulent if you have pets. “They’re both super easy to care for and, unlike aloe and some cacti, completely non-toxic, so they won’t harm your overly curious animal,” she says.

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Giant cactus

2 of 11The sill of aloe vera

Aloe vera

3 of 11the threshold haworthia juicy

4 of 11the threshold Echeveria


Medium light

If you don’t have the space right next to a south-facing window to perch a plant, don’t be dismayed. Many plants thrive in medium and indirect light, including Instagram-friendly foliage like the fig tree, bird of paradise, and monstera (or Swiss cheese plants). The latter two should be easy to pick out for almost anyone – only water them every two weeks or so. Violin leaf trees, on the other hand, can be a bit more fussy. “Violin leaves thrive in stable environments,” says Marino, “but if you can keep your space at a consistently warm temperature and stick to a watering schedule, these are incredible plants to bring in.”

5 of 11TheSill Fiddle Leaf Fig

6 of 11the sill bird of paradise

7 of 11the Monstera sill

Dimmed light

If you live in a garden level apartment or are not blessed with huge windows, look for plants that will thrive in low light such as the rainforest when you bring in the outdoors. Marino and Perez recommend ferns or species like snake plants, ZZ plants or pothos jades for rooms that get a little less light. Everyone will be more than happy in the shade and are some of the best plants for beginners as they are extra hearty. “Calatheas are also great for low-light environments,” says Perez, “and they make a great addition to most bathrooms!”

8 of 11the sill snake plant

9 of 11the threshold zz plant

10 of 11the Sill Pothos plant

11 of 11the threshold Calathea Freddie

Calathea Freddie

Do you own one of these simple houseplants? If you have one that didn’t make the list, let us know below!

This post was originally published on May 5, 2020 and has been updated since then.


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