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Meet Vendoir: A New App That Makes Organizing Events Stress Free

Oshoma Zekeri, Yoma James Kukor and Charles Ofoegbu

Courtesy Artur Conka

The COVID-19 pandemic has put many events on hold. However, with the introduction of vaccines, we are at a point where the UK is set to experience a social boom with many newly planned and overdue events resuming in the months ahead. However, a long-standing problem is finding providers for your events. Three entrepreneurs; Oshoma Zekeri, Yoma James Kukor and Charles Ofoegbu are trying to fix this problem by creating a hassle-free, affordable, on-demand app called Vendoir, where you can discover and book vendors like DJs, photographers or caterers.

Early beginnings

Zekeri, the CEO of Vendoir, moved from Nigeria to the UK to study. After graduation, he accepted a position in health and safety for several well-known companies including Barclays and CBRE. In 2016 he had to organize his wedding and his experience finding vendors was a nightmare. He had a long list of phone numbers, but no real way of telling who was good and how much to pay for them. He was trying at the time to find an app or website that would help him with the process, but ultimately neither offered a good enough solution and his only alternative was to spend thousands of pounds on an organizer. This whole process led him to come up with the idea for Vendoir, “a one-stop solution for consumers to find providers such as DJs, photographers and videographers, and for providers to manage their bookings, prices and markets themselves”.

He did a lot of research, but because of jobs and other commitments, he sat on the idea for a few years. However, in early 2020 he decided that a good way to get the project off the ground and split the workload is to bring other people on board. In his search for employees for Zekeri, he looked for a CTO (Chief Technical Officer) in his network and was put in contact with Ofoegbu, a developer who has created many apps and worked as a software developer for over 10 years. Ofoegbu loved the concept as he faced the same vulnerabilities and thought this was a good opportunity to resolve those issues.

A short time later, Zekeri met with Kukor, a colleague with whom he stayed in contact by playing football together over the weekend. They met to discuss investing in the stock market. After Zekeri shared the idea for Vendoir, that topic took over. At the time, Kukor was running an event promotion company organizing club nights in London and faced many problems that Zekeri often tried to solve through Vendoir, which meant he understood the problem immediately. He was named Chief Operating Officer and the trio began working on making the app a reality.

Vendor app

Vendor app

Courtesy of Vendoir

Build a vendoir

The construction of Vendoir during COVID-19 means the trio has been working remotely since 2020. Juggling this alongside day-to-day jobs means having to make frequent evening calls in the early hours of the morning to discuss strategies and examine what consumers are looking for in the solution they are looking for delivery. The app they create will be a marketplace where consumers can search for vendors based on location and date if necessary, and use reviews to find out if they’re good and worth the price. Providers will also benefit from the app, as a direct comparison makes it easier for them to correctly rate themselves. Through a number of features, the app gives sellers the ability to take reliable bookings, market themselves, get instant notifications and see the analytics behind their “Ultimately, it will allow sellers to take control of their rates and their business.” expand much more efficiently “. This also gives newbies, retailers, and freelancers the ability to network and scale their business without spending a dime on marketing.

The trio are about to launch their on-demand app in time for the UK lockdown and will be launching a crowdfunding campaign with Crowdcube next month to engage the community who will benefit from the app as early as possible.

This article is part of a series featuring underrepresented people making a difference. You can keep up to date with new releases or contact me on Twitter – @ TommyASC91.

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