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Make the most of the beet season with these 12 proven recipes

While some might list turnips among theirs Top hated foodsAt Camille Styles, we’re big fans, especially when they’re fresh and in season. Even if you hate them after reading about them health benefitsI urge you to reconsider. Beets are a great source of fiber, vitamin C, potassium, iron, and more. They have been linked to improved blood circulation and blood pressure and offer even better exercise performance – yes please! Eating the rainbow is also an important part of a healthy diet, and beets are definitely one of the most beautiful and colorful vegetables you can eat. To include them in our diet as much as possible, let’s summarize our favorite beet recipes.

Add them to a salad for a more satisfying and hearty dish, grill and serve as a side dish, or place a plate of beet puree on a plate for presentation points. The possibilities for beet recipes are endless.

Much like Brussels sprouts, new creative cooking techniques and recipes have breathed new life into the underrated vegetable. My grandfather, for example, always detests beets because they used to eat them out of a can. Even my grandmother, who is the best cook I know, can’t change his mind. But I think the following beet recipes could just convince him.

Scroll on to see some of our most popular ways to eat beets this season. Enjoy!

Perfect for meatless assembly, these roasted beet tostadas are light and healthy. Serve either as a starter or main course and your spring dinner is set.

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Beets are the main event in this salad from Eden Grinshpan. This beet recipe is especially easy because you toast them skin-on and don’t have to worry about peeling them before cooking. The addition of orange peel and mint makes for a unique and amazing flavor combination.

3 of 12This grilled beet, strawberry, and blue cheese salad is perfect for a dinner party

That delicious copycat juniper Salad uses not just one, but two seasonal foods: strawberries and beets. The smoky taste of the strawberry balsamic vinaigrette combined with the sharp taste and creaminess of the blue cheese is a dream. This dish is heavenly.

4 of 12Beets // Fresh Market

I love the Mexican torch that the avocado cream and chilli lime salt add to this dish. This, along with the fact that after roasting the beets in a cast iron pan for delicious char, makes these beets a standout product. Perfect for lunch or dinner with a cup Tortilla soup.

5 of 12Celery root puree with herb beets |  A house in the hills for Camille Styles

If you haven’t tried celery root puree, this beetroot dish should be tried. This vegan meal is satisfying enough to satisfy your comfort food cravings and keep you full. Great with crispy French bread and a glass of red wine.

6 of 12The root veggie sandwich you need this season

The vegetarian sandwich at the end of all vegetarian sandwiches. This recipe is a personal favorite of mine thanks to the goat cheese spread. I like to add arugula and put everything between two slices of ciabatta.

7 of 12Golden Beet and Pear Salad, Photo by Wynn Myers |  Camille Styles

Not all beets are red-gold beets, which have a slightly milder taste yet still add great texture and health benefits to any salad. Serve as a side salad or add chicken to make it a main course.

8 of 12Beetroot spread enriched with smoke

Similar to hummus, this beet dip will elevate anyone Raw vegetables or sausage board. Just look at the gorgeous color. Eat with pita, celery, carrots, crackers or even smear a piece of toast for a quick snack.

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If you’re looking to step up your breakfast game, this lean scrambled egg packed with egg whites and veggies is the place for you Lively and pure cookbook. While it’s important to start the day with a sustainable meal, I love that this dish is also full of bright colors and instantly makes you smile too. Swap the ingredients depending on what you have on hand.

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Almost more of a power bowl than a salad, this recipe is the perfect lunch to get you through your WFH work day. There’s not a single ingredient I don’t like – carrots, chickpeas, beets, avocado, kale, radishes … and whatever is in my fridge right now. No salad is complete without a bombshell dressing, and this tahini maple dressing is simply addicting.

11 of 1212 spring ingredients that will get you excited about cooking

As a keen avocado toast eater, I’ve been looking for a replacement because, despite all the odds, I get tired of having it every day. This beet yogurt toast recipe is my new choice. I like to make a batch of this spread earlier in the week and keep it in the refrigerator so I can have a quick snack on hand whenever my stomach growls.

12 of 12light beet soup

One of my favorite ways to get my vegetables in is with a large soup. This beet soup recipe is so easy and effortlessly beautiful. Beets, orange peel and crushed pistachios go together like soups and spring.

What’s your favorite beet recipe? Share the link below with us.


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