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Dan Waite has been named President Of Better Noise as the company expands its global presence and ventures further into film

Dan Waite has been promoted to President of Better Noise Music.


The news was announced today by Allen Kovac, CEO of Better Noise Music.

UK Waite will report directly to Kovac.

He will oversee all artist relationships and music and movie content releases in the company’s global offices in New York, Los Angeles, Nashville, Toronto, London, Berlin, Sydney and newly opened offices in South America and Southeast Asia.

As a music industry veteran, Waite has a broad entertainment perspective and years of experience in all facets of the music industry, from recording music to touring, television and radio shows, documentaries, print media, social media, streaming and physical distribution.

Before joining Better Noise in 2017, he worked at MTV Viacom International, Universal Records, Virgin Records, NME, O2 Arena and BBC Studios and was an active member of AIM (Association of Independent Music), FAC (The Featured Artists Coalition), MMF (Music Managers Forum).

He also sits as a current IMPALA board member where he was recently heavily involved in the organization’s diversity efforts to create a level playing field for all hires and freelancers.

Upcoming music releases from Better Noise’s label side include Papa Roach’s Greatest Hits Vol. 1.2 – The Better Noise Years, due March 19th, and Escape The Fates new album Chemical Warfare, due April 16th.

Other upcoming releases include new projects from rock bands like Nothing More, The Hu, Bad Wolves, country / rock artist Cory Marks and the alternative groups AWOLNATION, Dirty Heads and Atlas Genius.

In addition to the Retaliators arriving later that year, Better Noise released the 2020 indie feature film Sno Babies and The Dirt in 2019, the Mötley Crüe biopic that hit millions of viewers on Netflix and Kovac as the producer saw.

Better Noise is also currently developing a script series.

Waite has also started growing Better Noise’s workforce ahead of busy 2021 and recruiting talent in key positions. Jimmy Harney joined as Head of Publicity.

“Dan Waite is a forward-thinking creative, and we’re delighted that with this new President title he is helping steer the Better Noise ship.”

Allen Kovac

“Dan Waite is a forward-thinking creative and we are delighted that with this new president title he is helping steer the Better Noise ship,” said Kovac.

“I am delighted that he has quickly taken on such a leadership role with all of our employees, partners, artists and filmmakers. His diverse backgrounds in content development were critical to our multimedia endeavors.

“Dan is a complete professional and we look forward to him expanding our global presence.”

“This promotion comes at an exciting time for Better Noise.”

Dan Waite

Waite said, “Our local expansion in Australia has paid off and our revenues have increased. So we want to repeat this and expand to South America and then Southeast Asia to either open local offices or buy existing labels. “

Waite added, “I was happy to have Jimmy Harney as my first employee, who oversaw the press for the label and Better Noise Films as Head of Publicity for Sunshine Sachs.

“Jimmy will head the press for our next film, The Retaliators, which features cameos from many of our label artists in the film as well as on the soundtrack and stars Marc Menchaca (Black Mirror / Ozark) and Joseph Gatt (Game of Thrones).”

Waite continued, “This promotion comes at an exciting time for Better Noise.

“Mötley Crüe has a few surprises in store for its fans in its 40th anniversary year.

“Five Finger Death Punch already have three # 1s from their current album F8, giving them a career of 11 # 1s in total.

“We signed Tempt under the direction of Steve Strange and Andy Gould, Eva Under Fire under the direction of Tony Couch & Mike Newman and Hyro the Hero under the direction of Scott Sheldon, Berko Pearce and Peyton Marek.”Music business worldwide


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