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How To Market Yourself (Without Being Shabby)

We all know this one golden truth in business you have to market yourself. There’s no way around it.

But how do you market yourself a) effectively and b) without sounding shoddy as hell?

It’s a pretty common problem. Marketing itself is not a matter of course for most of us. It can feel fake and spurious even knowing you have a killer product.

Why should anyone listen to me? I am concerned about being viewed as shady or fraudulent. When these phrases come to mind, you are definitely not alone. But it is a huge hurdle that we have to tackle if you are to be successful.

The uncomfortable truth about growing a business is that you will to have to make yourself comfortable selling yourself. In a way. So if you’re struggling to get customers and market your small business, we’ve got you covered.

Overcome the fear

This is a problem that Ramit struggled with even in the early days. He’s so afraid of selling Price of his eBooks at a paltry $ 4.95 – – less than five dollars! He has come a long way since then, ultimately bringing a product worth $ 12,000 to market.

But how did he overcome this fear?

First of all pWorry about who to turn to. Most people are pretty busy no matter who they are. You are bombarded with sales emails and unsolicited messages every day. How do you stand out?

It’s about a subtle mental change. Instead of asking for something like everyone else, offer to solve their problems.

When Ramit wrestled With this fear of self-promotion he found a book called The trusted advisor. The key message he picked up was that it is your duty to put your customers first.

The way to do this is to really learn who your customers are. Know what their problems are, understand their struggles. Once you’ve done your research and know your customers well, it’s your job to give them exactly what they need. You can protect them from the vague promises and bad sales tactics others are throwing out there. You can solve their problems.

So don’t think of marketing just as they get something from your customers. Instead, frame it like you are Provision of them with something valuable. You’re not asking a favor, you’re doing them a favor.

The key is to be confident about what you are selling.

When you have what they need it would be almost cruel to stop them.

Know who you are selling to and who you are Not

As Ramit’s mentor, Jay Abraham said to him: It has to be you crystal clear about who you’re selling to and who you’re not selling to.

This way, you are not trying to convince someone to buy your product or service if it is not right for them. That would be shabby.

Some people will find your book, course, product very valuable. Some won’t. Marketing to those who find it valuable is not fraudulent, it is helpful.

When you know you don’t have to sell to anyone and everyone has the opportunity to focus only on those who you know your product is for them.

For example, we prohibit anyone with credit card debt from participating in our flagship programs. Those in debt still have tons of free resources to use, but we are really clear about who these programs are for and who they will help the most.

Be seen in the right places

Overcoming the fear of marketing is a big part of learning how to market yourself effectively. The next step is where the real work comes in.

Part of the marketing itself is what’s going on below the surface. It’s not just about cold calling or advertising campaigns. A lot is about building your personal brand and building trust. Much of it is seen in the right places.

Yes, we talk face to face, but also through social media, blogs, email marketing, networking and interviews with other publications. These classic methods of getting your name out there are still solid tactics and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Sure, anyone can write a blog. But what sets successful marketers apart from everyone else is how they do it and how often.

Show yourself consistently in these rooms until you no longer have to introduce yourself. Become an expert, a contact in your niche who always has the answers.

Half of your job just shows up and becomes a familiar face, but your main job is to show up armed with a lot of value.

Bring a strategy to social media

Go to LinkedIn, jump on Twitter, or upload this Facebook group. But don’t just stand there.

I bet you have those connections that you recognize right away, don’t you? You know, those faces and names that keep popping up even if you’ve never spoken before. You could have over 1,000 connections or followers and still spot the same 2-3 people there.

This is because they constantly appear for conversation, not just to thoughtlessly publish their thoughts, but to create added value and insights.

These are the people who pop up every day to post content, ask questions, and connect with others on social networks. Spend some time analyzing their tactics and try to replicate them with your own personal flair.

Let yourself be quoted

Journalists and bloggers are always looking for quotes from experts. Finding your name and quote on a blog is a great way to share your expertise. It looks impressive and can be shared with your social media audience.

Do some research on publications that are relevant to your niche and send a few emails to the editors. You may get rejected several timesbut stay tuned and hone your email techniques. Ramit has some great advice how to deal with rejection.

Don’t just ask for a one-time interview or guest post. Focus on building relationships with people in your industry. Look for publications, bloggers, and other editorial contacts to build a lasting professional relationship.

Create great content

A great way to get your name out there and build credibility is to write great content. This can mean creating lots of high quality LinkedIn posts, guest posts, or your own blog posts. Or it could be all three.

Writing great content about your industry is a simple but effective tactic for standing out as an expert. This can go a long way in building trust and credibility.

Use these marketing strategies while working on your Sell ​​trustare the basis for successful marketing. When you are seen in the right places and being out there, you can build a recognizable brand that people trust.

If you’re still not wondering how to sell without being bad, working on a change in your mindset is your top priority. Still don’t know who to sell to? It’s time to get to know your customers and find out how they can deliver exactly what they need. Ramit can help you there. Just fill in your details below for free access to his guide to the art of authentic self-promotion. In just a few minutes you will have everything you need to promote yourself and your business without feeling fraudulent.

Ready to learn the art of authentic self-promotion?


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