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8 ways to use synthetic turf to beautify your yard

Choosing between installing artificial grass, also known as artificial turf, and natural grass can be a difficult decision for some homeowners. While you might be interested in natural grass for its feel and organic appearance, choosing artificial grass offers a number of perks that can make you think. If you are too busy maintaining your lawn, lawn offers less maintenance and a longer lifespan compared to traditional grass. It’s also usually made from recycled materials, comes in a variety of textures and colors, and even has the potential to be Increase your home value.

In some places it can even make sense to install artificial grass over natural grass. For example, if you live in a city that has a hot and dry climate, such as Las Vegas, NV or Austin, TXHaving turf can prevent your lawn from wilting and dying due to the amount of sun these cities receive annually. However, if you want to use natural grass for your lawn, there are still plenty of creative and aesthetically pleasing ways to incorporate artificial grass into your lawn. Check out these 8 ideas on how to embellish your garden with lawn.

1. Install an artificial turf golf green

Your short game is just as important as your long, so installing an artificial turf putting green is the perfect way to get some practice off without leaving your home. Golf greens are easy to install and can be customizable. Usually they are around 1,000 to 1,500 square meters. For best results, choose a flat area that has minimal bumps and extrusions and receives just the right amount of sunlight. A local lawn company can then help dig, cut, and install artificial turf and holes. Equipped with the right landscaping, golf courses can serve as a stunning backyard feature that is both aesthetic and fun for the whole family.

2. Build a dog area for playing and potty training

If you own a dog and live in a small place like an apartment, having an artificial turf potty for your dog can be a good solution. Typically they have short bristles for cleaning and a drainage system to collect urine. Lawn dog mats are versatile and fit on a winter garden, patio, patio or balcony. They are particularly suitable for training puppies or older dogs with poor bladder control. When not in use, artificial turf pots fit in like a patch of grass. Not to mention, your real weed won’t get brown stains.

If you have an outside space, lawn can be a great way to create a play area for your pet. Pet-friendly artificial turf is a great option if you’re trying to keep your dog away from natural grass chemicals. Installing artificial grass for pets will also help prevent fleas and ticks, worrying about spots and brown spots, and digging unwanted holes. Give your dog a chance to roll around in the grass without worrying about getting sick.

3. Use artificial grass walls and partitions for privacy

Fences can be a thorn in the side. However, they are important for privacy and keeping intruders out. Installing artificial grass fences or hedges is a great way to maintain privacy while enhancing the look of your back yard by adding greenery. If you’re looking for flexibility, some custom-paneled artificial turf fences come on rolls that you can use to separate certain parts of your garden when you are hosting a garden party or small gathering.

4. Create an entertainment area for backyard hangouts

Do you love having people out for campfires, casual wine nights, or garden parties? You may want to kick your feet up by the fire while sipping a glass of wine. If you are concerned about uncomfortable surfaces on your feet, installing artificial grass around your campfire pits and patio is a comfortable and elegant solution. Cut off a small area, put patio furniture on top, and enjoy a relaxing hangout on the lawn.

5. Create an elegant driveway

For a touch of sophistication, use artificial grass between your driveway to add patterns and colors to the exterior of your home. Real grass can get compact due to the weight of a car. Installing artificial turf between flagstones or concrete can burst your driveway and always look fresh.

6. Cover your garden furniture with artificial turf

When you are tired of using boring patio furniture, there is a fun and unique way to incorporate artificial turf into your yard by purchasing lawn furniture. These parts are designed for outdoor life, require little maintenance and can be left outside all year round. They are a great way to connect the outdoors with your home and can be designed to look great under a deck, gazebo, fire pit, or play area.

7. Design a multi-purpose sports field

For athletes looking for a way to get some exercise, installing an artificial turf sports field in a larger yard provides the exercise you need without having to go to the local park. Multipurpose sports fields can be used for soccer, or even lacrosse Spikeball whether you want to improve your skills or just play a friendly game.

8. Build a playground

When building your playground, safety will likely be paramount. In this case, you should choose a surface that has a cushion and is free of chemicals. Artificial turf is a great alternative to wood chips or gravel because it has a soft texture and a natural aesthetic feel. You can even put a shock pad under the lawn to prevent fall injuries.

* Before doing these projects, consult a lawn professional.


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