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Over 60,000 titles are now uploaded to Spotify every day. That’s almost one per second.

At MBW Review, we focus our microscope on some of the biggest events in the music business of recent times. This time we’re juggling some very interesting numbers that Spotify revealed earlier this week at its ‘Stream On’ event. The MBW review is supported by Instrumental.


The mind-boggling amount of music uploaded to Spotify just keeps getting staggering.

As part of the Spotify “Stream On” event on Monday (February 22nd), the company confirmed that more than 60,000 new titles are being added to its platform every day.

The number, announced by Spotify’s co-head of Music, Jeremy Erlich, means approximately 22 million tracks will be added to the Spotify catalog later this year.

With 60,000 titles per day, Spotify uploads a new title to its platform every 1.4 seconds.

There are some other interesting ways to break this information down in the context of today’s music business.

Spotify confirmed in November last year that around 70 million titles can now be seen on its platform.

It can therefore be assumed that SPOT will host over 90 million tracks by the end of 2021. And that early next year it will surpass a catalog of 100 million for the first time.

And you can expect the daily number of more than 60,000 to keep increasing in the future.

In April 2019, Spotify founder Daniel Ek confirmed that “almost 40,000” new titles were uploaded daily on his service. In less than two years, that number has increased by 50%.

Spotify logo

Spotify seems certain to be predicting that the daily upload number will continue to mess up for years to come.

During his opening monologue at the “Stream On” event, Daniel Ek noted that Spotify had 3 million creators on its platform three years ago in 2018.

In 2019 that number had risen to 5 million. And in 2020 it exploded: According to Ek, there were 8 million creators recording on Spotify at the end of last year.

“I believe that by 2025 we could have up to 50 million creators on our platform, whose art is enjoyed by a billion users around the world.”

Daniel Ek, Spotify

“Creators” is a euphemism here for music artists and podcasters. Given that Spotify had 2.2 million podcasts on its service at the end of 2020 – and those podcasts are obviously being created by a smaller number of podcasters – it seems inevitable that Spotify will have at least 7 million recording artists on its platform today.

Ek said on Monday, “I believe that by 2025 we could have up to 50 million creators on our platform, whose art is enjoyed by a billion users around the world. And that’s not a prediction or a goal: it really is both a challenge and a great opportunity. “

If the amount of music uploaded to Spotify grows with the number of creators on Spotify – and Daniel Ek is in line with his forecast – around 375,000 new tracks will be thrown onto Spotify every day through 2025.

That’s roughly 137 million new tracks a year.

For your information, the United Nations estimates that there are around 38 million minutes in the average human life – including sleep.

Now we come to a crucial question: How many of Spotify’s 8 million developers are actually making decent money on the service today?

That question was answered by Dawn Ostroff, Spotify’s Chief Content Officer and Advertising Business Officer, at the Stream On event.

Ostroff endorsed the idea that the pool of artists making good money from Spotify is growing, announcing that 90% of streams on Spotify today are shared by 57,000 artists – a number “that will change in just six years has quadrupled “.

Given that Daniel Ek confirmed on Monday that Spotify paid out more than $ 5 billion to music rights holders in 2020, this seems like very good news for the average artist.

However, more numbers from Ostroff were less reassuring to your par-level musician.

“In the past four years, the number of recording artists whose catalogs generated more than $ 1 million a year has grown [was] more than 800 … [The] Number that generates more than $ 100,000 a year? [over] 7,500 artists. “

Dawn Ostroff, Spotify

“In the past four years, the number of recording artists whose catalogs generated more than $ 1 million a year has grown [from Spotify] In terms of recording and publication, the number has risen by over 82% to more than 800 artists, “confirmed Ostroff, adding:”[The] Number that generates more than $ 100,000 a year? That’s 79% more than 7,500 artists. “

To rephrase the essentials there: Around 7,500 artists have generated over 100,000 US dollars per year with Spotify at some point in the last four years.

It doesn’t take a mathematician to point out that 7,500 are both a significant number of artists … and a long way from 8 million.

In fact, it means that any single artist’s chances of making over $ 100,000 on Spotify this year as part of the service’s 8 million creators … 0.094%.

Penetrating the sacred “1%” is a struggle that artists have long accepted as part of staring.

But break into the 10% of the 1%?

In a world of 60,000 daily track uploads, these are the crazy opportunities for any artist dreaming of making on Spotify Bank in 2021.

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