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How to gift Alaska Airlines MVP status to friends and family

As Alaska Airlines MVP Gold 75K, it has many benefits to enhance your travel experience. But did you know that one of the greatest benefits isn’t even for yourself?

Every year when you qualify as an MVP Gold 75K, you can gift a friend or family member with MVP status – Alaska Airlines’ elite entry level status. Here’s what you need to know to take advantage of this.

The advantages of MVP Gold 75K

But let’s first recap what is included in Alaska Airlines’ highest tier, MVP Gold 75K:

  • 125% mileage bonus on every flight with Alaska Airlines.

  • 50,000 bonus miles when you re-qualify as 75K each year.

  • Four confirmed gold guest upgrades to first class.

  • Four free day tickets for each Alaska Lounge.

  • Unlimited upgrades to First Class, Premium Class or extra legroom, if available.

  • Two free pieces of luggage for you and your companions.

  • Opportunity to nominate someone for MVP status.

Steps to Giving Alaska’s MVP Status Away

Enter your details

As a nominating member, you will be asked for your own information, including full name, mileage plan number and email address.

Enter your nominee’s information

Then fill in the same information for the person you want to nominate.

You will then see confirmation of your submission.

Wait for approval

Someone at Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan will review the information and process the nomination. Once the decision has been made, the recipient will receive a confirmation email inviting them to their new status.

As a donor, you will not receive any confirmation that the nomination has been approved. If you want to make sure everything is going well, speak to your friend or family member.

What Alaska’s MVP includes

After your recipient’s nomination is approved, they will immediately benefit from MVP status:

  • 50% bonus on collecting base miles.

  • Unlimited upgrades when available.

  • Priority boarding and check-in.

This 50% bonus on the base miles earned means more miles every time you fly. This enables you to get to the next status level more quickly and collect redeemable miles more quickly.

The unlimited upgrades work as follows: Whenever a better seat is available on the same flight, you have access to the extra legroom and all the other advantages of this cabin – whether First Class or Premium Class.

Nerd tip: You can give this benefit to one person each year, but it doesn’t always have to be the same person. You can change the person annually or name the same person. Note that you will have to resubmit the nomination form annually.

How the status of Alaska Airlines is getting even better

In March 2021, Alaska Airlines joins the Oneworld alliance – a group of 13 airlines that American Airlines was a founding member and that offers travelers benefits. MVP status members on the Alaska Airlines mileage plan automatically qualify for Oneworld Ruby status.

Further advantages of this status are access to priority check-in in Business Class and free preferred or pre-reserved seats. Oneworld Ruby status holders also get priority if they are on a waiting list and on standby, giving members the upper hand over other non-status passengers.

The final result

When you’ve earned MVP Gold 75K status on the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan, you have the option to give a friend or family member a better way to travel for a year. And because your recipient’s new MVP status earns them 50% more miles on every flight, your gift could help them enjoy Elite status for years to come. When Alaska Airlines joins the vast Oneworld alliance, your gift can go even further.

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