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Do you want to destroy it on TikTok, Instagram or YouTube? 7 tips for creating video

Are you looking to generate thousands of additional views for your new listing video? What if it doesn’t cost you anything and only takes a few minutes? Tik Tok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts videos (or short videos) are the key new tools you can use to improve your marketing and increase your market share.

Alisa Glutz, who was recently featured on Money.comis a Scottsdale mortgage broker and the author of Color my credit. Glutz came to us this week to explain what she’s done to generate millions of page views, over 427,000 followers, and 3.9 million “likes” on TikTok. Their findings apply not only to TikTok, but also to Instagram reels and YouTube shorts.

Which platform is right for you?

Most experts agree that it is wise to focus solely on one video platform instead of splitting your efforts across different platforms. When deciding which platform is suitable for your company, the following important points should be considered:

1. TikTok

TikTok has 15 second videos (you can now post up to 1 minute) with trending music. In terms of users, 26 percent is between 25 and 44, the sweet spot for today’s millennial buyers and sellers. The average user spends 52 minutes a day on the platform and opens the app eight times a day.

TikTok probably isn’t the best choice for most brokers unless you’re willing to take the time to develop a whole new following for TikTok and you haven’t been posting Stories on Instagram or YouTube just yet. However, it is an excellent resource for seeing what users are doing, what works and what doesn’t.

2. Instagram roles

In contrast to Instagram Stories, which disappear after 24 hours, Instagram Reels is permanent. Reels allows you to record and edit videos with a duration of 15-30 seconds, add sound effects and then share your video with your Instagram followers.

You can also reach out to the larger Instagram community by sharing your video on the Explore page. For more information on creating your first Instagram Reels video, see Later’s “The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Reels.”

3. YouTube shorts

YouTube Shorts is still in beta. However, if you want a real competitive advantage, shorts is your greatest future opportunity. While Instagram has around 130 million users in the US and TikTok has roughly 80 million usersYouTube is the most popular video platform in the US with 206 million users in 2021.

In addition, Facebook and TikTok are not search engines. Google has decided to put its full force behind YouTube Shorts. This means that potential customers can find your shorts videos by searching on Google.

To take advantage of this opportunity, create videos that are 15 seconds or less in length, post them on your regular YouTube feed, and use “#Shorts” in the title or description. You can add videos up to 60 seconds long. However, Google recommends focusing on making 15 second videos. Find out more about shorts here.

Recommended course of action

Glutz attributes her success at TikTok to the following seven best practices. These strategies will work for you no matter which short-form video platform you choose.

1. It’s about the mothers

Glutz constantly has parents reaching out to her because her school-age kids watched one of her TikTok videos about improving their creditworthiness. The children say to their parents, “I don’t understand what she is saying, but I think you should see this.”

Glutz recently ran a competition that awarded five $ 200 credit plan ratings. This is what happened: A 10-year-old girl heard her parents talk about buying a house. Upon seeing Glutz’s video about her contest that awarded five $ 200 credit checks, she decided to step inside her parents. They have won.

In just 45 days, Glutz was able to help the little girl’s parents increase their creditworthiness by 100 points. She was so excited that she danced around and said, “I’m going to get a house!”

2. Entertain and educate

Glutz advised that one of the best ways to get viewers on TikTok is to entertain and educate. The video below shows viewers why they don’t have to be a first-time buyer to get an FHA loan, while also sharing other features about FHA loans.

@colormycredit Also check out your government down payment support programs where you could get # Down Payment # fha ♬ Rapper’s Delight – The Hit Crew help for a higher price

3. Use text boxes and “bubbles” to share your key content

As you can see in the video above, Glutz is using text boxes and bubbles to share their content instead of using words in the audio feed. Much of the short videos are shown without sound.

Hence, it is wise to place your key messages in a text box or bubble. The following video received over 845,000 views in 2020 and over 99,000 views in 2021.

@colormycreditLearn the rules. Master the game. #verymuchadequate #foryoupage # 2020colormycredit #creditcards # creditempowerment ♬ Original sound – Smokinhottballz

4. Include additional content or resources in your description

In their descriptions, Glutz often provides the viewer with additional resources, as shown below:

5. Use hashtags

As you can see in the example above, Glutz uses two hashtags (#downpayment and #fha). Hashtags serve several functions. First and foremost, you can use hashtags to make the topic of your video searchable on the platform. Second, you can create links to more videos on the website on the same topic as your video.

6. Trend music

Although Shorts is still in beta, TikTok and Reels let you choose music from the platform for your video. You can add a quick audio commentary, but to really improve your pageviews, pair your video with music that is currently trending on the platform.

Glutz looks for videos that fit the topic she deals with. She finds songs that have “yes” or “no” in the lyrics particularly useful. She writes a question in the text field and the video answers her with “yes”, “no” or sometimes “maybe”.

@colormycreditReply to @ toomuchfun22 shows you how to borrow and repay! (Ignore me if you’re trying to speed up the process and grow my hair!) # Colormycredit ♬ оригинальный звук – Ayza Mua

Aaron Grushow probably has more pageviews than any other real estate professional on TikTok. Its posts typically receive at least 50,000 to 100,000 views. To illustrate the possibilities of using trending songs, Grushow created a video of a “shark aquarium”. He used the theme from the Jaws movie.

Although younger users did not recognize the music, it generated 4.2 million views. Grushow then paired the same video with a TikTok trending song and it hit a whopping 48.5 million page views and 6.9 million likes.

@aarongrushowhomesYou see a shark aquarium in a house ?! #shark #fish #fishtank #aquarium #house #mansion #luxury #amazing #beautiful # fyp ♬ Can we kiss forever? – Kina

7. Consistency is the name of the game

As with any social media platform, posting consistently is the name of the game. Also, those who manage to use short videos recommend posting multiple times a day.

The end result is consistently posting videos that are entertaining and educational. After 15 seconds, you can easily record two to three videos in 30 minutes, mark them, add the pop-up boxes and choose your music. This is a lot easier than knocking on the door, cold calling, or just about any other lead generation approach you can use, especially since it doesn’t cost you anything.

Bernice Ross, President and CEO of BrokerageUP and RealEstateCoach.com, is a national speaker, writer, and trainer with over 1,000 articles published. Find out more about their broker / manager training programs developed by women for women at BrokerageUp.com and about their new agent sales training at RealEstateCoach.com/newagent.


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