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Build a brand? 5 tips to maximize your online footprint

At Inman Connect Now, agents and social media experts Sue Pinky Benson and Liz Vaynerchuk-Novello shared some of their best tips on how to get as visible as possible online.

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While almost every real estate agent has a goal of building a personal brand and increasing their online presence, most will find that their commitment wears off unless specific steps are taken.

Liz Vaynerchuk-Novello

The industry term “secret agent” is often used to describe agents who work hard and spend the hours selling houses but are not getting the visibility they deserve due to a lack of social media knowledge. In order not to fall into this trap and face a stagnant career, a solid social media game is a must.

I was on secret agent in this I was to do job but Not Putt out Content, Not Be consistently in my Doing business and not knowing anything about what I am doing to do business. ” Liz Vaynerchuk-Novello, Sotheby’s International Realty Agent, told the audience at the Inman Connect Now “Building Your Brand: How To Maximize Your Online Footprint” session. “I knew a lot of things had to change and one of them was that I had to stand there.”

Here’s how to get more visible online in five easy steps:

1. Be authentic, but don’t share

The current trend is for agent influencers to be as “real” as possible – pictures of children and pets, posts about how much you love everything from chocolate to a specific sports team, and even vacation photos are often the oh-so-carefully punctuated listing of Photos and market updates.

While there is nothing wrong with being “real” and sharing parts of your day, your primary focus must always be on real estate and value for customers. When homebuyers know they can come to your Instagram and find pictures of newly listed homes, they’re much more likely to stay here than if they see that along with 10 cat photos.

“I could talk about the Bucs because they won and they were my hometown team. But if you want exercise, go see Mr. Benson, RE / MAX agent Sue Pinky Benson, who refers to herself as “Pinky Knows Naples”, told the audience. “This is not my strength, and i won’t pretend i am who i am. “

2. Document your daily activities

Trying to create engaging content is one of the biggest hurdles agents describe in their struggle to build a successful personal brand.

An easy way to get started is to document what you do throughout the day (touring homes, with specific listings) before finally taking the plunge into “creating” content like market research or deep dives of local neighborhoods.

The panel emphasized that people love a quick look. You want to take a look behind the scenes, and having it on your social media feeds is a clever way to gently remind people of what you’re doing.

“You just have to start putting your face in front of the camera,” said Benson. “It doesn’t have to take all day. It can only show small snippets of how things are going in your life. “

3. Don’t let that stop you from finding something “super interesting”.

As Vaynerchuk-Novello pointed out, one of the agents’ biggest worries is that they are “not interesting” and spend days trying to come up with posts that will beat the competition and delight their audience.

In reality, the best marketing strategy is not to make a sensational post, but to consistently publish interesting content. What appears to you as “just another listing post” could be of immense value to someone looking to buy this type of home or to know more about local life.

Sue “Pinky” Benson

“I would take that equation out,” said Vaynerchuk-Novello. “Everyone’s life is interesting and it’s often nice to take a quick look at it. So we want to go to open houses – we want to be curious and see the house. “

4. Don’t just post, analyze

Often times, when agents take the plunge and post regularly on Instagram and Twitter, they are kept busy posting without verifying that their content is resonating with the audience. Rather than just going on and hoping your following explodes, Benson suggests taking some time each month to look through your last 10 posts and find common ground.

Are there too many market updates? Not enough photography? Taking a longer view is often extremely helpful in seeing what you are doing right and what you can improve.

“If we look again at these posts, what could people collect from them?” Asked Benson. “What would you be able to take with you? Would they know you are a dog lover? Would you know you have children? Do they even know you are a real estate agent? What does the story tell? “

5. Let go of fear

So much of social media (and as an agent in general) comes down to bravery – taking risks to get noticed, score a client, and sell a home. Being prominent on social media often comes with a look outside and the occasional negative comment, but as both Benson and Vaynerchuk-Novello pointed out, the reward for letting go of fear and moving forward far outweighs any setback you face encounter on the way.

“You can’t focus on that one person,” said Vaynerchuk-Novello. “This person is sitting behind their keyboard and probably in a bad place. Instead, focus on all of the positive things that you are doing. “

Another professional tip from Vaynerchuk-Novello: don’t take care of yourself. If you are not observing yourself, you cannot rethink your content. Get out of your head and just make it happen.

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