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This is how you should organize your bathroom drawers and cabinets

Things that quickly lead to a mess in my bathroom include expired makeup, nearly empty bottles of moisturizer, and cosmetic samples. If you’re like me, you know the first step to having a well-organized bathroom is getting rid of all of that. Then you can really have fun by equipping your cabinets and drawers with organization solutions that fit your space exactly and are perfect for the items you keep. If you’re serious, you can enjoy decent toiletries for years to come. So, I know you all want to know how to organize bathroom drawers and cabinets without going crazy?

Whether you’re a makeup junkie or obsessed with hair care, a big part of your best appearance is organizing all of your tools and products so that you can see them.

So, if you’re looking to use your time at home to clean and perfect your bathroom cabinets, these tips are perfect to make sure you’re getting the most out of every square inch.

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Use cups for vertical storage

Pencil cups, juice glasses, and even empty candles ensure that everything stays upright and organized. Things like makeup brushes, tubes of toothpaste, and tweezers are easier to find this way, and it helps to use large and narrow shelves that might be found behind a medicine cabinet mirror.

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Put it in a bag

Did you think the cute zippered bag is just for travel? Think again! There really is nothing easier than storing your make-up and beauty items in different toiletry bags. If you need one just take it, use it, and put it back. And by the time you head out on a weekend getaway, all of your must-haves are prepackaged and ready to go.

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Divide your drawers

Using drawer dividers is certainly not a new concept, but we want to remind you that this is one of the most important things you should look into. Put in bamboo or marble bowls to keep all of your bathroom essentials in place, or use Marie Kondo and just use gift boxes or plastic containers you already own to configure a split arrangement that’s perfect for your drawers . Or you can invest in their newly launched Marie Kondo x Container Store collection – an organization lover’s dream!

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Bust out the baskets

For a larger space, such as a linen cupboard or shelving, using baskets is the perfect way to keep “similar” things together. And if you choose wire or acrylic, everything you own is visible at first glance. This way, tuck everything from soap bottles to rolled up washcloths for a streamlined and uncluttered space.

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Out in the open

Open shelving is a popular interior trend that moves from the kitchen to our vanity tops. We got it, it looks fantastic, but this can be a real memory problem. Wondering where to keep all those little makeup tubes and unsightly skin care packaging? Line up beautiful woven baskets with lids on your open shelf for your own storage solution. Not only will it work to keep your products tidy, but the right cases will look super pretty too.

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If you can’t, decant

If you work with a bathroom with little or no storage space, do we recommend emptying your favorite products into suitable refillable glass bottles? Sure, all of your soaps are going to be outdoors, but when they are poured into beautiful jars like these pump bottles, those less cute bottles are suddenly just the opposite of what appears on your counter or shower.

How do you organize your bathroom drawers and cabinets? Share your tips and tricks with us below.

This post was originally published on March 25, 2020 and has been updated since then.


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