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Is a JSX Private Jet Worth the Cost?

If you’re interested in the excitement of flying in a semi-private jet, you’ll be glad to know that this type of travel is no longer just for the rich and famous. JetsuiteX or JSX is an airline company that offers options for flying in private planes to make private flying more affordable. The benefits that this airline offers could discourage travelers from using commercial airlines, although the tickets may be offered at a higher price.

Is a JSX private jet worth the cost? Here’s what you need to know to make up your mind.

What is JSX?

JSX is a private jet operator with a semi-private flight service that offers private terminals and fewer lines with low waiting times. Flying a semi-private JSX flight offers the convenience of private travel at near commercial costs. Prices start at as low as $ 99 one way.

JSX fleet aircraft can accommodate up to 30 passengers and offer legroom in Business Class, drinks and snacks. JSX doesn’t require a long check-in process. Instead, you can be seated at your seat within 20 minutes of your arrival.

Where is JSX going?

JSX flight routes are limited, with flights to only a handful of airports including:

  • Salt Lake City (seasonal).

  • San Jose del Cabo (seasonal).

Most of these routes are in California, with some options in Nevada, Arizona, and Texas. Most of the JSX flights are non-stop flights with some one-stop flights, which makes the flying experience faster and more enjoyable.

JSX ticket options

There are two options when booking flights with JSX.

Jump up

The first option is called Hop On, where your flight is refunded but available as future flight credit. There is also a $ 50 cancellation fee, a $ 50 change fee, and expanded seat selection for a fee. Passenger fares include two checked bags, each up to £ 50.

All in

The more expensive option is called all-in, and refunds will be made through your original payment method. You can choose your seat at no additional charge, there are no fees for changes or cancellations, and you can order up to three checked bags at £ 50 each. These tariffs are generally much more expensive than hop-on tariffs.

JetBlue reward points

You can earn JetBlue Miles when booking JSX flights. The number of points is not much, but every little bit helps to build your point balance. Customers with JSX All-in plans receive 250 TrueBlue points, while customers with JSX Hop on plans receive 150 points.

JSX ticket prices versus commercial ticket prices

There is a lot of competition for airfare. So are these JSX deals competitive with commercial operators like American or Southwest? To compare prices, here are some examples of flights to Las Vegas:

Phoenix to Las Vegas

Flying JSX between Phoenix and Las Vegas would cost $ 241 round-trip:

If you’re flying with American Airlines, the same trip costs $ 129 for a main cabin flight:

The cost of JSX was almost twice the cost of flying American Airlines. However, if you want to try traveling in a semi-private plane, the additional cost may be worth it.

Oakland to Las Vegas

In another example search, a flight between Oakland and Las Vegas May 15-22 on JSX costs $ 99 each way for a total of $ 198.

But in the Southwest, the same dates cost $ 49 each way for a total of $ 97.97, though flight times aren’t quite ideal.

So the cost of flying JSX is higher than flying a commercial airline and about twice the price. JSX pricing isn’t unreasonable, but prices tend to be more expensive than comparable commercial flight options.

If you can’t find attractive JSX deals, you should probably rely on the fact that you will pay roughly double for the semi-private flight experience.

The final result

Flying a JSX private jet could be worth the price. This largely depends on the type of traveler and the trip you are taking. Since your costs can double, using the service is not for everyone.

For someone who enjoys more luxury travel experiences or wants to treat themselves to a more private flight with fewer passengers, the additional cost of JSX could be well worth the investment. With two checked bags for free and a faster check-in process, flying JSX can improve your travel experience and keep it running smoothly.

But if you’re a budget traveler, the added cost of JSX may not be worth it. There are cheaper options available and the flight network is very limited.

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