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DIY Staging: 5 Pieces Every Agent Should Invest In

If your homeowners can’t afford the staging (or aren’t spending extra money on it), it pays to have inventory to improve the look of your new listing.

Home staging can be one of the most valuable parts of your marketing budget. It offers an excellent return on investment and increases profitability.

In fact, more than half of the real estate agents profiled by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) said the staging shortened the launch days and increased the selling price. A similar number of buyer agents confirm the impact a well-staged home has on their buyer customers.

While many luxury real estate agents swear to staging every property they represent, many agents choose which homes they want to staging, or just specific rooms in their listings. Sometimes this decision is made by the sellers who may not want to invest in staging their home or who may be offended by the idea that their home is not yet as perfect as it is.

To overcome this objection, it is important to remind your seller that the design choices that make a home live don’t always match the features that sell it in the first place.

In many cases the staging is designed in such a way that the house itself is presented. Works of art and furniture are chosen not for their own appearance, but for their size and enhancement of the space.

How to create a staging inventory

For those homeowners who don’t want to hire a staging expert to get their home ready for market, you can include some smaller staging services as part of your home preparation and marketing process. According to Alex Lilly of DOORA Designs in Ventura, California, improving the look and feel of your listing may not always require a home stager.

Lilly said stagings can really make all the difference when it comes to how buyers perceive your listing and what they’re willing to offer. In addition, it helps prevent the house from sitting in the market due to falling prices after falling prices.

The good news? Full home staging services are not always required to have a positive impact.

“Some easy ways to make your listing stand out are painting the house a neutral color, clearing it, and buying green foliage to add to the house,” Lilly said. She also suggests “making the curb more attractive by getting some plants, a wreath on the front door, and a doormat to make a great first impression.”

Five staging items agents should own

You don’t need a warehouse of staging items to make a huge difference in how your listing looks. Focus on items that are lightweight, easy to install and remove, and pack a decorative stamp as you add them to an overwhelming space.

To quickly and easily expand your DIY space, consider investing in the following items:

1. Accessories

This can include anything from tchotchkes to redesign the look of a bookcase, to new pillows and blankets that can either be laid on the sofa or tucked into a nice basket.

2. Coffee table

If you want to create a more cohesive living space, put an elegant coffee table in the front and center. It anchors the space and helps define the flow of traffic.

3. Art

You can easily save art in different sizes to enhance different areas in your new listing. Choose canvas – not glass – for easy storage and portability, and gravitate towards neutral colors in unrepresentative styles.

4. Tables

A variety of end tables can be useful alongside a chair to create an impromptu reading nook, or as an additional bedside table if needed.

5. Headboard

If the guest room is made up of a simple mattress and frame, a padded headboard can give it a better look. They’re inexpensive, easy to carry, and easy to tuck behind the pillows to hold the space together.

Avoid large heavy objects such as couches or beds that are difficult to store or move. Also, avoid items that are likely to wear out quickly or that require a variety of different size options, such as carpets or curtains.


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