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What’s your pick for the ugliest house of the year?

HomeVestors from “We Buy Ugly Houses” is holding a competition for the ugliest house of 2020 from February 18-28.

The Dallas-based national franchisor has selected three finalists from the nearly 10,000 homes its 1,100+ franchisees bought and remodeled in 176 stores over the past year. The company features them on its Facebook page, where everyone is asked to vote for their favorite.

“By celebrating our most dramatic ‘before’ and ‘after’ for the ugliest house of the year, we can demonstrate the hard work and ingenuity of our franchisees while demonstrating what we bring to the communities we serve,” said David Hicks. HomeVestors CEO said in a statement.

“In the past year, our independent franchises bought nearly 10,000 homes and had sales of $ 1.6 billion.” This is an increase from two years ago when HomeVestors franchisees typically bought around 8,000 homes a year.

HomeVestors has purchased more than 105,000 homes since 1996, either for renovation and sale or for holding as investment properties. More than 80 percent of it is less than 1,400 square meters and was built before 1980. The company admitted that not all were “ugly”, but some need a lot of work, including the competition finalists.

“One of this year’s three finalists was a vacant property in Knoxville that suffered from vandalism, wildlife and serious roof damage,” said a company press release. “Another in Kansas City was filled with old stuff and trash before being fitted with new plumbing, wiring, a roof, and an overall fresh look, while the third finalist in Florida was bought and refurbished after a quit bowel job.”

HomeVestors shared some details about the finalists as well as photos on their Facebook page.

Participant A:

Participant B:

Participant C:

Register your vote for A, B or C here.

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