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What exactly is human design? We used an expert to explain

I’ve always been someone who’s pretty open-minded and curious when it comes to self-help and healing methods. I know deep in my heart that in order to help others, one must heal and help oneself first. While in bed with Norah during my pregnancy, I started my coaching business with a few central goals: to create a career that will allow me to live my life in a flow, to tell my authentic truth, and to be vulnerable enough to share my stories hopes to inspire other women.

I had worked as a stylist on an advertorial for the past 11 years and had gotten really good at connecting with telling stories about other people’s ideas and brands … but I had lost touch with my authentic voice.

So, I looked for tools to help me get back to my voice as I created a career that worked in the flow of my life. During this time I kept listening People in the wellness area mention the expression “human design”.

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This “human design” idea was used by companies to align their employees (and entrepreneurs, to align themselves) with their energy. The intent was to enable them to work with their natural state, as opposed to that. I quickly found a page to look up my human design profile. (You can look up your diagram on Jupiter Archives or My body chart.) I’ll be honest, these charts are a little difficult to read. Some Google searches can likely get you a general view of your profile. However, you should have an expert read your chart to go deeper.

After hearing one Podcast episode on In bold companyI wanted to know more. The podcast was presented Victoria Jane, a human design coach. I immediately booked a session with her and we thought about what it means to be an MG (Manifest Generator) and how I can apply it to my personal life and the new career I have created.

In our hour-long Zoom meeting, she broke my diagram down, explained how best to flow, and how I should make decisions. We talked about things like the best time to work for me and how long to think about questions before making decisions. Fast-forward to 2021, I booked my second session with Jane because I wanted to address nutrition and sleep – two areas of my life that were in transition after giving birth.

I would love to go into all the details of my personal diagram with everyone who is listening, but I thought it would be more helpful for you to have a more general introduction to human design. After my session, Jane was kind enough to sit down with me and answer a few general questions about human design that I was able to share with all of you.

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What is human design?

In short, human design is a system that helps us better align with how our natural energy works.

How does human design work?

Human design combines ancient systems like the I Ching, astrology, Kabbalah, Hindu brahmin chakra system, and quantum physics to describe our unique energies and gifts. Each person falls into a certain type of energy (e.g. manifestor, generator, projector) with a certain inner authority. Intuitively, I think we all understand that we are different and unique, and human design explains why and how that is.

What can I expect from a human design reading?

During a session, the participants receive a highly individual framework in which to make decisions in accordance and to live authentically. The main element is understanding what is going to work for you and then supporting your inner authority. I see a lot of people who have come from A to B with someone else’s game book and feel tired, calm, frustrated or whatever. Human design only helps you remember what you already wanted to know about who you wanted to be and what got you excited.

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Why should you create a human design chart?

Society throws up so many ideas, general topics and ideas Success, and it feels like consistent advice. What helps out with reading your human design diagram is unlocking your unique flow in terms of making decisions and adjusting your intuition (which is different for different people). In human design, we can honor that every type of person can work in a way that feels simple.

What’s the story behind human design?

Human design is relatively new. It was channeled by a man named Ra Uru Hu in the late 1980s. Human design is also an integral part of quantum physics. The basis on which each person gets their design is based on what neutrinos go through when you are born.

How can you use human design in motherhood?

I am so glad you are writing this because I think we have all had the experience, “Oh God, if only I had known I worked like this when I was younger, how much heartache, frustration, or fear it was could have saved! “What is really exciting about mothers who know about human design is the ability to educate parents how their children are designed. The system addresses the new paradigm of parenting, which is about supporting and supporting your child who it already is, as opposed to what you want it to be. It’s about knowing that your card and your child’s card may not be the same, but are still capable of their needs and experiences, their creativity and their learning style to highlight.

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Final thoughts …

Personally, I think that every mother is looking for this kind of “leg-up” to authentically bond with her child. We may not always look from the same point of view, but we can get a clearer idea of ​​what your point of view might be. Cant wait for my next session with Jane, which delves into our entire family’s table and how best to try to live in the flow and honor each other’s unique design.

Follow on Instagram @ victoriajane.hd where it breaks down different parts of human design and profile. You can download this for free HD WorkFlow manual Learn more about working with your design here. To go deeper book a reading, or sign up for that HD coaching certification. HDCC is perfect for any type of entrepreneur, coach, or manager who wants to use human design to bring more flow to their business and life.

Have you read your human design chart? What did you think? Share your thoughts below.


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