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How to Use Chase Offers to Save More Money

If you have a Chase Card and aren’t taking advantage of Chase Deals, you’re missing out on your chance to save money. This service is available to most Chase card members and it’s easy to use – it’s a great way to get discounts on purchases you’re already planning.

Here’s what you need to know about Chase deals so that you can save more money the next time you pull out your card to make a purchase.

How do Chase offers work?

Finding out how Chase deals are being used is no challenge: all you have to do is look at the current Chase deals, then activate the deals that interest you most. Once you activate a store and make a purchase that meets the requirements, you can start seeing these savings. You will automatically receive a credit within 7 to 14 days.

Typically, offers are returned as a dollar amount or a percentage of your purchase price. The offer details will indicate whether exclusions or a maximum savings amount are available. You can activate as many or as few offers as you want.

Where can I find the current Chase offers?

You can browse the latest offers on your mobile device or through a web browser. To do this, open the Chase mobile app or log into your Chase online account. Then look for the “Chase Offers” section (usually on the right for the desktop and at the bottom of the app), click, and all the available offers will appear.

Click the plus sign in the upper right corner of an offer to activate it and add it to your account. Not only can Chase review these offers itself, it can also send regular email reminders that you can take advantage of your offers.

What offers are there?

The beauty of Chase Offers is that the offers are always changing. An offer you might see this month might not be available next month. Instead, you may see various savings opportunities. You will see offers for restaurants, fast food, food delivery services, clothing stores, shopping services and much more.

Nerd tip: The offers you see are tailored to your expenses. You probably won’t see the same promos available as someone else you know who also takes advantage of Chase offers.

Which dealers are included in Chase offers?

There is a nice selection of retailers at Chase Offers. Some of these brands include ADT, Chef, Starbucks, Walmart Grocery, Five Guys, Panera, TurboTax, Dicks Sporting Goods, Supercuts, Dominos, Sun Basket, and Kindle.

There is something for everyone, and at some point you will likely see an offer that makes sense to you.

When do offers expire?

There is a deadline associated with every offer. You must activate the offer and make the purchase prior to the offer expiration date to take advantage of the promotion. If it takes a few days to purchase the purchase in your account, you will still be eligible for the savings if you made the purchase before the offer expiration date.

It’s a good idea to check your listings every few weeks to see which deals are expiring and what new deals have been added. That way you won’t miss a great one.

Are Chase Offers Different from Chase Ultimate Rewards®?

You may know Chase Ultimate Rewards® and its portal. This dashboard is where you can view all the points you’ve earned, shop online, redeem points and possibly earn bonus points by spending at popular merchants.

The Chase Ultimate Rewards® portal differs from Chase offers in two major ways. With Chase Ultimate Rewards®:

  • You shop online by clicking through the portal to retailers rather than spending directly at retailers.

  • You will receive bonus points for qualified purchases instead of bank statement credits.

Both programs are great, but yes, they are different.

The final result

Why Should You Use Chase Offers? Consider enabling Chase offers because it’s so easy and a convenient way to save money, especially since you don’t have to change your spending habits at all. Many Chase business and personal credit cards allow card members to offer Chase Offers. Log into your Chase account on the website or app to explore your offers.

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