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The 10 best feta recipes on the internet, period

By now, we’re pretty sure you’ve seen all of the virally baked feta noodles on TikTok or been influenced by them. While hundreds of versions are now online, the original recipe can be traced back to Finnish blogger Jenni Hayrinen. A year ago she started the National Uunifetapasta Day (Finnish for “oven-baked feta noodles”) with the aim of inspiring everyone to cook feta noodles baked together on this day. That year the idea came up and “The stores were actually running out of feta cheese here,” Hayrinen told Today. That, of course, has inspired us to rethink our own feta recipes and see how we can bring this classic salty cheese to life in different but equally delicious ways.

When choosing these feta recipes, we wanted to follow the same criteria as for the baked feta noodles: simple ingredients, easy to prepare and tastes delicious. So read on to see which ones made the cut, and don’t forget to put feta on this week’s shopping list.

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Baked feta recipe by Suruchi Avasthi

This is our food editor’s version of the baked feta recipe. This delicious starter can be served on a sausage board like this one and eaten all afternoon. Sounds like heaven.

2 of 10fried feta with half-baked pepper honey

Fried feta with pepper honey from Half Baked Harvest

We can’t think of a better starter than sAlty feta cheese, coated in panko breadcrumbs and fried to golden perfection – can you? Well wait Tieghan Gerard from Half Baked Harvest always knows how to combine healthy and hearty for a cozy, calming meal.

3 of 10Baked feta and vegetables with lemon yogurt

Baked Feta and Vegetables with Lemon Yogurt from Epicurious

Feta always adds a touch of salt and creaminess to any dish, and we love how this baked feta recipe really fits in with those properties. Warm feta, crispy chickpeas, and withered hearty greens come together in this delicious recipe.4 of 10Whipped cream, honey and feta dip - fed and fit

Whipped cream, honey and feta dip from Fed + Fit

Feta is usually something we consider a topper, but this dip makes the classic ingredient the main event. With a little honey for the sweetness, this dip is sure to be a hit with the whole family.

5 out of 10Roasted cherry tomatoes and whipped feta toast points

Roasted cherry tomatoes and whipped feta toast from Spoon Fork Bacon

There are two things in life that will always be perfect partners: cheese and bread. These dot toasts are ideal as a starter or as a healthy snack. Either way, they are delicious and we already eat them with our eyes.

6 of 10Roasted sweet potato with whipped feta, pomegranate and hot honey

Roasted sweet potatoes with whipped feta and hot honey by Suruchi Avasthi

We have a thing for sweet potatoes at Camille Styles’ headquarters. These creamy, versatile veggies can be cooked in so many different ways – if you haven’t cooked Camille’s crispy roasted sweet potatoes, you’re missing out – but it’s the feta in this recipe that really sets it apart. The cooking method in this recipe is also unique and uses both steam and a roast to give us this delicious char. Sign me up!

7 of 10Broccoli Feta Fritters

Broccoli Feta Fritters from A Healthy Life for Me

If you’re looking for ways to make broccoli that won’t steam it, these donuts are it. Feta makes these green little slices a little salty and creamy, and a quick roast gives them a nice crispy edge. Delicious.

8 of 10Mango and feta salad

Mango, Avocado & Feta Salad from Suruchi Avasthi

If you’ve never added mango to your salad, you’re officially missing out. The touch of sweetness with the salty feta and creamy avocado is what salad dreams are made of. This recipe also has chopped pistachios for extra crispness and mint for freshness. Yum!

9 of 10Pumpkin, pea & chorizo ​​frittata with feta and red onions

Pumpkin, Pea & Chorizo ​​Frittata With Feta & Red Onion from Stuck in the Kitchen

One thing about the frittata (aside from how tasty it is) is how quick and easy it is to toss it together. All you need are a few eggs and vegetables, and you can whip up something tasty for brunch or lunch (or a simple weekday dinner) with a simple green salad.

10 of 10Crispy chickpea and spinach salad with mustard dressing feta

Crispy chickpea and spinach salad with mustard dressing feta from Sugar Salted

This salad is the perfect protein-rich lunch and has everything you could want: vegetables with a crunch!

What’s your favorite recipe for feta? Share the link below with us.


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