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I asked my friends with amazing homes to share their favorite design sources on Instagram

In the days before Instagram and Pinterest, how did we ever tackle our home design projects? With so much incredible inspiration and design guidance available to us now, it seems almost inconceivable. Even so, sometimes it feels like there’s so much inspiration out there that it can be difficult to narrow down the really great resources that take our breath away or provide smart ideas to solve our biggest design problems. Since I never work on a home project or two these days, I decided to ask my design-loving friends about the best interior design Instagram accounts to follow and my boy delivered them. Maybe a little too much now that I’m tracking 18 new accounts – they were so good I couldn’t help but find out.

Keep scrolling to your new favorite sources for #designinspo on Instagram – straight from my friends with amazing tastes and incredible houses that exude character (all worth pursuing on their own!) Trust me, these are the friends, who just know.

* Picture above: Gillian Lawlee, whose @ my.life.in.colour feed will definitely follow from me!

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1. Tessa Neustadt. Your LA home is so chic. She combines wonderfully neutral pieces and I love that her style is both eclectic and classic.

2. Jen Kay. My friend Jen has the best taste! Your report is a mix of lifestyle, decor, and motherhood. Her kitchen reno is a dream – and she helped me get ideas for my upcoming Reno!

3. Josh Young. If I could choose one person’s house to move into, it would be Josh’s! Its interior is perfect – it mixes and combines new pieces with beautiful antique ones. His style is classic and romantic.

4. Steve Cordony. This interior designer always makes me pass out! He’s constantly sharing stunning vignettes around his farmhouse and I’m infinitely inspired.

2 of 5Claire Zinnecker-Austin Interior Designer

5. @manwithahammer. Greg is an absolute delight. Not only do I feel camaraderie with him because we both live in our never-ending renovation, but he’s so fun and talented too. He’s raw and real, and I’m completely immersed in his work, eagerly awaiting any reveal.

6. Cheap old houses. This is just good old fashioned house porn. I’m trying to convince Adam that we have to buy (and move) a different home from this account every week!

7. Studio Lowsheen. Most of the time he posts other people’s work, but everything he posts is spectacular and I want to be transported to wherever it is right away. I save almost every picture he shares.

8. ma + partner. I love the mix of aesthetics this account shares. It all feels cohesive and yet they don’t just have one design style. It’s always amazing and inspiring and often pictures that I’ve never seen before.

9. Tom Mark Henry. I love this designer’s personal work as well as the inspirational images he shares. The textures, materials and color palettes are always unique and exciting.

3 of 5Ajiri Aki-Paris-Madame de la Maison

10. Pamela Moell Stiltje. This is the inspiration report from Pamela Moell from Stiltje, a Swedish tile company, and full of pictures of both exterior and interior spaces. She doesn’t necessarily focus on tile, but she does have a good idea for dreamy interiors that I want to jump into.

11. Kasha Paris. I love this review from Kasha Paris, an interior design studio in Paris, because I can flip through and see all of the typical Parisian apartment details like moldings, chevron parquet floors, gorgeous giant windows, etc. I also like how they mix antiques and modern looks together with what I am going for in my home.

12. Melissa Penfold. A friend recently shared this account with me and I immediately took a deep dive and saved umpteen pictures. I share a love for ivy-roofed houses with Melissa Penfold.

4 of 5Chanel Tarlo-Austin-Interiors Consultant

13. Flamingo Estate. Flamingo Estate is the place to turn when I need to feel refreshed and energized about the design. This stunning property doesn’t seem to obey any design rules and is certainly not attributed to the ubiquitous trends of today. Even so, it feels current and inspires me to be more fearless in my own projects.

14. Ann Edgerton. Ann is an interior designer and stylist from Austin who recently skipped town for a slower life in picturesque Fredericksburg. I always turn to Ann for her impeccable use of rustic materials in a modern way and her amazing ability to enhance the “Hill Country” style. Her pictures radiate warmth and simplicity.

15. Nickey Kehoe. I’m not sure how to define the appearance of this duo, but I know that I want to fill my home with furniture and products. Nickey Kehoe is rooted in neutrals, but color is no stranger. Everything feels accessible and their feed inspires through and through.
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16. Supply showroom. All of this goodness of pattern and color was served with a cheeky demeanor.

17. Reath design. Chic to the extreme and so inspiring.

18. Heidi Caillier Design. Stylish and soft interior with a touch of classics.


Did your favorites make the list? Leave a comment and let us know: What Are The Best Interior Design Instagram Accounts To Follow?


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