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How to track your expenses with NerdWallet

A healthy budget starts with understanding your spending habits. NerdWallet helps you with this by showing how much money is flowing in and out of your accounts each month – and where it is going.

Here’s how to use NerdWallet’s spending information to keep your budget under control.

Getting started with NerdWallet

Once you’re signed in, tap on “Cashflow”. From there, follow the instructions to securely link your existing accounts to financial institutions, including checks, savings, credit cards, and more. Tap your bank’s logo or enter the name of the institute in the search bar. Then log in with that account’s credentials. Then see personalized insights into spending in one place.

All your money at a glance

See everything you’ve spent and everything left so you can budget with confidence.

Track your income and expenses

NerdWallet shows you how much money you have spent so far this month and how much you still need to save or spend based on your monthly income, expenses and upcoming bills. You’ll also see a list of recent transactions and the top places you spent.

Each transaction is automatically assigned a category, e.g. B. Utilities, restaurants, or shopping. A color-coded chart highlights the key spending categories so you can easily spot trends. Would you like to take a closer look? Tap the graph to see your total spend for each spending category.

A donut chart shows the expenses, which are proportionally divided into four categories.

You can select a transaction to edit the date, amount or category. If for some reason you don’t want to include one in your budget, check the box to hide it from expense calculations and graphs.

Once you know where you stand, it’s easier to adjust the spending to better fit your budget.

Compare your monthly expenses

You will receive more than a summary of your recent purchases. NerdWallet also tracks your progress over time so you can focus on the bigger picture. The cash flow dashboard includes a line chart that compares the current month’s spending to the previous month’s. It shows you how much more or less you have spent down to the penny.

Review recent transactions on the dashboard to look back even further. You’ll see a breakdown of the total amount you’ve spent each month over the past six months. Tap the icons to compare your monthly expenses by category.

What else can you do with a NerdWallet account?

In addition to keeping an eye on the budget, NerdWallet allows you to do other smart money movements too:

  • Earn a extra 2% -10% cashback when you purchase online or nearby from eligible merchants using your linked cards.

  • Transfer funds between your linked accounts.

  • Monitor your TransUnion VantageScore 3.0 Free Credit Score and learn how to build credit.


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