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These four comedians give me life

I’m serious when I say: thank god for comedians. Aside from books and coffee (and the occasional stroll), the ease with funny people is one of the things that gets me through these weird, snowy days. Here are four current favorites, and I’d love to hear yours …

Last weekend I stumbled upon comedian Matthew Friend and lost myself in his amazing impressions. Michael BublĂ© announces new music, Rami Malek drinks coffee or his number of celebrities put on face masks, including Howard Stern, John Oliver and my personal favorite Jeff Goldblum. (To which Goldblum himself replied: “Exactly.”)

The feed from SNL actress Chloe Fineman is arguably even funnier than the show. Her impressions of celebrities like Drew Barrymore and Reese Witherspoon are spot on, but it’s her take on pop culture characters like Daphne Bridgerton and Gillian-Anderson-as-Margaret-Thatcher in The Crown (that perfect throaty voice!) That really catches the eye me.

My colleague Kim drew my attention to the wonderful Ceara O’Sullivan who has everything from various dairy products to the HR lady who stops by your office every Friday. But her impressions of her mother cannot be overlooked, like her first visit to Chipotle, the way she walks into the room at 7 a.m. when Ceara comes home, or how to use the TV remote controls.

We all know Leslie Jones from her many roles and her time at SNL. But her Instagram makes the world we currently live in, from politics to memes to TV shows, a lot funnier. I adore her ongoing commentary on the news, recently singing a Happy Birthday song to MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace, or dissecting the spaces behind commentators like a corner with candles, built-in bookcases, and evening pearls. When I hear my neighbor’s TV through the wall, I like to imagine what it would be like to be Leslie’s neighbor instead. One can dream.

Who are your favorite comedians? What reports have made you laugh lately? Please share!

PS Four other funny Instagram accounts and a comedian share their beauty uniform.


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