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A bad buying experience started this RE / MAX agent’s career

Jared Housier didn’t have the best agent experience when he bought his first home. He lit the fire underneath and inspired him to improve the process for other buyers.

Jared Housier wasn’t a real estate agent for too long – only about five years – but the leader of the RE / MAX First Southern Homes team has already grown to become a top producer in his southern Indiana market, right across the Ohio River from Louisville. Kentucky.

Housier was inspired to get into real estate after having a less than ideal experience buying his first home a few years ago and realizing the process could be vastly improved.

“The agent I had wasn’t necessarily the greatest and I saw a lot of room for improvement there,” Housier told Inman. “[I thought], ‘You know what? We could really make something work very well for people by implementing a very good process. ‘That lit the fire below me and the rest is history. “

Housier, who leads a team of four that includes his wife Olivia, said the team’s efforts with marketing, particularly through social media, have helped them become successful agents in their area.

“We were very interested in social media and were very present there,” said Housier. “With our offerings, we’ve tried to keep up to date with the introduction of 360 virtual tours and listing videos for our properties, which has really helped us make a name for ourselves.”

Too often, according to Housier, real estate agents use social media as a feed for nothing but listing videos. Instead of falling into such a pattern, Housier tries to make his social media posts more engaging and interactive. “We’re trying to get out of the box,” he explained.

A real estate game Jared Housier recently posted on Instagram | Photo credit: Jared Housier

One recurring social media activity that Housier enjoys doing is creating a real estate quiz game on Instagram that both raises and debunkers frequently asked questions, like the common buyer myth that buying a home requires a 20 percent down payment requires.

Another important part of Housier’s social media strategy is showcasing local businesses. “A big thing for us is the community we live in because that’s one of the main reasons people buy there,” said Housier. “What is it like to live in this area? So we like to showcase local businesses and parks and things like that. “

As with all real estate agents, it has been a challenge for Housier and his team to keep engaging with their clients on the same level as before the pandemic. But they did their best to get creative and still show their appreciation.

“We often had a pie day giveaway around Thanksgiving time and we all had a Thanksgiving meal together,” said Housier. “But instead of doing that this year, we did a similar event, but we made it a transit situation. So people drove through to take their cake home for Thanksgiving, and we had a take away meal. That way everyone is safe but still busy. “

For Valentine’s Day, the Southern Homes team held a customer recognition event on the night of the movie with the classic The Princess Bride from 1987.

Photo credit: Jared Housier on Facebook

The team is renting a movie theater for the showing and will accommodate a limited number of guests in order to maintain social distancing. Customers or friends who do not feel comfortable, however, also offer film kits with DVD, popcorn and drinks to be pleasant at a personal event.

In addition to her focus on marketing and social media, Housier said his team’s commitment to joining a real estate coaching group and being in touch with her sphere of influence worked wonders for the company.

“I honestly think the biggest thing that has helped us is broadening the business side of things and structuring everything,” said Housier to Inman. “We did a lot of that through our real estate coaching programs, which have been very, very big for the team. And we have been very focused on building our sphere of influence and essentially having monthly touches [with them]. The most important thing is to be consistent with the follow up with our top 50 in our sphere of influence. “

At the end of the day, Housier said the most rewarding part of his career in real estate has been the fact that he can do something he loves and that every day he has a passion that helps other people too.

“So many people don’t like what they’re doing, but they leave because it’s a good paycheck,” he said. “But at the end of the day, I don’t feel like this because every family we help changes people’s lives.”

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