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Top 5 New and Notable Business Podcasts for 2021

Over the Wall is a business podcast I’ve been waiting for this month.

Over the wall

You probably have a podcast or two.

After all, they’re great for multitasking – you can listen while you wait for your computer to update, upload your latest video course, or do this week’s analytics for your website.

And while there are tons of great business podcasts out there, I’ll be listening to this one in 2021.

Over the wall with Rob LoCascio

Over the Wall is a new podcast launched by the inventor of live chat for brands (yes, you read that right) Rob LoCascio.

LoCascio is one of the longest-serving founding CEOs in the tech industry – he’s been CEO of the multi-billion dollar live chat and conversational AI company LivePerson for more than 25 years. This is a rarity in the fast-moving technology world.

In addition to LivePerson, he’s now launched Over the Wall, a podcast devoted to sharing lessons from his decades-long entrepreneurial journey, as well as the insights of some of the world’s greatest artists, spiritualists, people of faith, and others who need a successful business leader from the biggest mistakes to the most important lessons learned.

His first episode, which you can find on YouTube, is a memory of the late Tony Hsieh, founder of Zappo. LoCascio speaks to two of Hsieh’s best friends and colleagues about Hsieh’s incredible contributions to the world.

This podcast is ideal for those who want a deeper, more nuanced view of entrepreneurship – one that focuses on purpose and meaning.

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WTF: What is the future?

Led by Brian Solis, Salesforce Global Innovation Evangelist and bestselling author, WTF explores issues surrounding the concept of digital Darwinism – the idea that technology and society are changing faster than companies can naturally adapt. As with plants and animals, only those companies survive that can adapt.

Solis interviews people from across the business spectrum in easy-to-digest but in-depth conversations, making them ideal for your commute (if and when you get one back) or training.

Recent topics have included everything from creativity to financial freedom to how an industry can really be disrupted.

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Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs invites

If you love hearing from some of the best top performers in entrepreneurship then this podcast is for you.

One of the episodes that I found most compelling is “Business Transformation: From Bankruptcy to $ 3 Billion Multinational Company,” an interview with CEO Mark E. Watson III.

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Maximum life

While this podcast isn’t all about business, I’m including it here because the host, Talor Zamir, is a hugely successful entrepreneur who shares wellness tips to help other entrepreneurs perform at their best.

What I find most helpful are the handy tips for things like better sleep, sharper focus, and more energy, but I also like some of the more scientific discussions – for example, about supplements and what meditation does to your brain.

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The backpack show

Ok, ok, this business interview show isn’t a podcast – it’s a live streaming TV show – but I had to record it because it’s one of my favorites.

Host Chris Brogan conducts fun, entertaining, and valuable interviews with executives from across the spectrum on important topics such as leadership, courage, innovation, and more. The idea behind “the backpack,” he says, is to give the audience tools that they can put in their own business backpacks in order to become better leaders.


Have fun while listening!


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