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This target decor looks expensive, but it’s all under $ 100

Have you ever walked into a destination to get one thing and walked out with a whole car full? * Embarrassed, raises his hand. * And it doesn’t matter whether my car is real or virtual, I always go with more than I intended. It is impossible not to do that. And while I love their non-toxic cleaning line and healthy food brand, it’s their cheap home decor that makes me love their incredible collaboration.

Who else is obsessed with the Hearth & Hand With Magnolia line or the modern day Threshold x Studio McGee collaboration? And I just found out that they are also releasing a Levi’s limited edition collection later this month!

It’s safe to say that Target is killing it right now in the design department. And the best part about it? It’s all affordable. So if you’re looking to freshen up your home for spring, read on for our favorite cheap decorations from Target that look expensive but are under $ 100. You’re welcome.1 of 33

Threshold Studio McGee Decorative Paulownia Wood Bowl Beige

Add some warmth to your space with natural materials like this wooden bowl. It’s perfect for the kitchen counter or on a console near the entrance for the keys. 2 of 338th

Threshold Studio McGee Glass with Brown Leather Vase

When was the last time you cleared your glass cabinet? I did it last weekend and I want to tell you, I’ve had so many random cups that we just stopped using them or got canceled. So we’ve tossed them or donated them and have plans to replace them with cups that we’d like to drink from like these leather versions. You are so chic. 3 of 33Stoneware Reactive Glaze Round Mug Sour Cream - Hearth & Hand ™ with Magnolia

Stove & Hand Stoneware Reactive Glaze Round Mug Sour Cream

Earthenware has definitely made a comeback this year and we’re not crazy about it. These mugs enhance your morning coffee (or coffee alternative) ritual. 4 of 3318th

Opalhouse 18 “LED solar pendant light, ceiling lights of course

One of the best ways to transform a rental (besides painting) is to turn off the lights. We did it in the dining room of our Los Angeles rental and it was a total game changer. This one is a steal at $ 100.

5 of 33Water Hyacinth Charger Placemat - Threshold ™

Threshold Water Hyacinth Charger placemat

Even if you don’t have a dinner party planned soon (oh how can’t we wait for that day!), You can still make every meal a special occasion simply by improving your surroundings. We have placemats similar to these hyacinths and we use them with every meal. It’s the little things. 6 of 33Striped cotton table runner - Threshold ™

Striped cotton table runner with threshold

Just like the placemats, put a runner through the center of your dining table and experience the difference. 7 of 332 pieces of chambray woven kitchen towels with cotton fringes - Threshold ™

Threshold 2pk cotton fringed chambray woven kitchen towels

Swap your paper towels for these lovely cloth towels at dinner and notice the difference. They aren’t just for special occasions. Elevate the everyday moments too. 8 of 338.4 oz. Glass Short Tumbler - Threshold ™

Threshold 8.4 oz. Glass Short Tumbler

The organic finish of these cups makes them nice to look at and to hold. 9 of 335

Threshold Studio McGee Round bamboo woven bowl natural

Your fruit basket has just been upgraded.

10 of 3314th

Threshold oval platter marble & wood

Use this to serve a sausage for two on the weekend just because!11 of 33Marble and Wood Coasters - 4 Pieces - Threshold ™

Threshold marble and wood coasters

Even if you don’t need one, you should use one of these coasters because they are just so damn pretty.12 of 33Round Cutting Board Wood Inlay - Threshold ™

Threshold round cutting board wood inlay

It’s a cutting board, cheese board, and decorative item for $ 13.99. I see no reason not to buy this!

13 of 33Reseda handwoven striped jute cotton rug in black - Threshold ™, designed with Studio McGee 5x7

Threshold Studio McGee Reseda Hand-woven striped jute cotton rug

This looks vintage but is under $ 100 and would be a great addition to any room. 14 of 33Decorative round rattan basket gray - Threshold ™, designed with Studio McGee

Threshold Studio McGee Decorative Round Rattan Basket Gray

There’s nothing like a storage solution that looks good too. This stylish basket is a decorative feature in any room and hides all of your children’s toys, bills or shoes.15 of 336th

Threshold Studio McGee Decorative Stone Wooden Ball Natural

If you want to add visual interest to a room, consider these decorative wooden balls. They look great in a bowl on a mantelpiece or coffee table, or on the bookshelf under your most precious items.

16 of 33Decorative square storage box with clipped handles 16

Threshold Studio McGee Decorative square storage box with clipped handles

This stylish storage box could almost double as a laundry basket, but we also love it in the bathroom under the sink to hide all your toiletries.17 of 336th

Threshold Studio McGee Crock stoneware vase beige

I’m obsessed with vintage vessels and this stoneware vase captures that patina and shape with a modern twist.

18 of 33Wooden floor lamp - Hearth & Hand ™ with magnolia

Stove & hand with magnolia Wood floor lamp

Always keep scaling in mind as you approach the design of a room. By varying the heights of each piece, you naturally create a visual escape for the viewer as their eyes are forced to dance across the room. Floor lamps help break up the monotony and provide the warm glow that we all appreciate. 19 of 33Fine Stripe Throw Pillow - Herd & Hand ™ with Magnolia

Stove & hand with magnolia Delicate stripe throw pillow

If you loved Camille’s neutral living room then you will find these cushions from Hearth & Hand. The organic indigo strip also gives it a subtle beach feel.20 of 33

Opalhouse Euro woven structured decorative throw pillow with tassels

If you prefer a boho-chic vibe, this fun decorative throw pillow is just the thing for your couch. 21 of 33Lanham Marble Top Side Table - Threshold ™

Threshold Lanham Marble Top Side Table

I’ve never seen such a pretty marble end table for $ 100. It’s a bargain. Use it in your home office or next to your sofa and we guarantee that just looking at it will make you happier.

22 of 33Decorative wooden bowl - Threshold ™

Threshold decorative wooden bowl

We love vintage pastry bowls, but finding the right size and quality is not always easy. Display this piece on your bookshelf or use it for keys at the entrance or keep it on the kitchen counter to house all of your pens and papers. 23 of 33Earthenware vase with handles and spout Large - Brown - Threshold ™

Threshold stoneware vase with handles and spout large

Didn’t we say that earthenware is that hot right now? Well, this vase makes it clear why everyone is buzzing about it. We love the vintage shape and color. 24 of 33Medium imitation wood table lamp - Threshold ™, developed with Studio McGee

Threshold Studio McGee Medium synthetic wood table lamp

We’ve added a lot of Studio McGee’s Threshold Collab to this article because we honestly were so impressed with the entire collection. This stunning table lamp is a classic and doesn’t even bring us up to the price. 25 of 33Textured Ceramic Glass Candle Sandalwood & Tobacco - Threshold ™ by Studio McGee

Threshold Studio McGee Textured Ceramic Glass Candle Sandalwood & Tobacco

Don’t just buy regular candles, opt for candles in textured ceramic holders that convert into mini storage containers when the wax burns out. It’s a little awesome. 26 of 339

Threshold Studio McGee Tapered Oval Seagrass Basket Natural

It’s a decorative piece that doubles as a beach chair or storage place. There are so many uses for this natural beauty. 27 of 33Hillside handwoven brown cotton wool rug - Threshold ™, designed with Studio McGee 5x7

Threshold Studio McGee Hillside hand-woven wool and cotton rug

This would look so beautiful in the nursery or warm up your home office, really anywhere.

28 of 33Resin table lamp gray - Hearth & Hand ™ with magnolia

Stove & hand with magnolia resin table lamp gray

Sometimes updating your space can be as simple as turning off your table lamps. You can also experiment with different lamps or lampshades. How the light shines through the shadow makes all the difference in the room and affects the general mood. 29 of 33Faux leather curtain holder - matt black - Hearth & Hand ™ with magnolia

Stove & Hand with Magnolia Leatherette Curtain Holdback

The devil is in the details, especially when it comes to design. Often times, it’s the little tweaks like swapping out your curtain holders or changing your drawer knobs that can raise a room in an instant – and it’s the cheapest, too!30 of 33Dotted Stripes with Tassel Throw Pillow - Hearth & Hand ™ with Magnolia

Stove & hand with dotted magnolia strips with tassel throw pillows

You can never have too many pillows – or at least we tell ourselves so! 31 of 33Tufted Textural Throw Pillow - Opalhouse ™

Opalhouse Tufted Texture Throw Pillow

We love a sheepskin moment and this tufted cutie will bring the cozy mood all year round. 32 of 33Rattan Diagonal Weave Table Lamp Tan - Opalhouse ™

Opalhouse Rattan Diagonal Weave Table Lamp Tan

We’ve had a soft spot for rattan lately and this lamp will really bring it home.

33 of 33    Decorative tube pattern 8-sided open basket Natural - Threshold ™

Threshold decorative tube pattern 8-sided open weaving basket

Okay I know it’s another basket, but can you blame us? This open weave is just too fancy not to include in our roundup, and it only costs $ 18. I can see that this is a storage solution, but also a chic tote bag for the farmer’s market. Who wouldn’t want vegetables and flowers to spout out of this beauty?

Have you noticed any cool decorations at Target lately? Share the link below with us.


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