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How to write a job description to help find the right candidates for your company

Hiring the right person for the job starts with a well-designed job description. If you understand the job description correctly, you have a far better chance of attracting suitable applicants for a position. And just as important, you are more likely to keep your new attitude.

The best job descriptions are a combination of an accurate description of the role and a list of the skills, experience and qualifications required. A job description must also sell the position and the company.

How much detail should you include in a job description? And how do you strike a balance by selling a job and having realistic expectations of a role? Here are ten tips to help you write job descriptions that will attract the right talent.

1. Give the job an exact title.

The first thing a potential candidate will look at is the title of the role. The title draws someone to your position as they scroll through the vacancies. The job title must accurately reflect the position you want to fill. However, it’s usually best to avoid being too innovative or creative with job titles. Instead, use concise industry-standard job titles that explain what the role entails.

2. Start with an overview of the role.

The first section of a job description is a brief overview. This element describes the function of the position in a few sentences. In this section it can also be helpful to explain the importance of the role to the company. Remember, however, that you are selling and describing the position. Take a look at a suitable resume guide for the Chief Marketing Offer (CMO). Everything you could ever need for a higher one is in this guide. The use of the invitation language in the first paragraph, e.g. B. “Joining a fast growing, dynamic company” will help grab people’s attention.

3. Sell the company.

Candidates need to understand what your company does and how the organization works. It will also be helpful to explain the business’s growth prospects. A job description should include a sentence or two about the company’s products, the company’s markets, and its growth plans. The best talent will look for both security and career opportunities. So it would be helpful if you could explain the growth potential in the role you are promoting.

4. Explain the corporate culture.

Relevant skills and experience aren’t the only things that matter when hiring a new employee. It is best to consider how well a person fits into the corporate culture and the existing team. For example, some people live in a dynamic, competitive culture. Others may prefer a more traditional, professional environment. By explaining your company’s culture, you can ensure that you hire people who will enjoy working for your company. Ensuring a culture adjustment reduces the risk that an employee will quit their job in the first few months.

5. Specify the skill requirements.

Be clear about the specific educational or professional qualifications required for the role. And explain whether qualifications are a must or just an asset. By specifying the qualifications required for a job, you can ensure that you only receive applications from suitable candidates. However, be careful not to ask about inappropriate qualifications for a role or you may run out of candidates. How to add a resume to LinkedIn even says that you are referring to skills and experience. So why not include your job description?

6. Discuss the required prior knowledge.

Someone may have the right qualifications for the role, but they do not have the appropriate experience. Lack of relevant experience may not be a problem when you are ready to train a new employee. However, if you are looking for someone to get started, relevant experience is crucial. The expertise required must not be limited to having worked in a similar role. It can also be beneficial for someone to have worked in your industry, for example, or to have used a particular software application. However, keep in mind that requiring extensive experience of any kind will reduce the number of potential candidates. Sometimes the most valuable employees are those with a passion for learning.

7. Add personal skills and attributes.

It is best to articulate the critical personal skills and attributes that you need for a candidate. Does your new employee have to be a good team player, for example, or does he or she have to be motivated and able to work alone? Are you looking for someone with initiative who can be innovative? Or would the role suit someone who completes the work according to a pre-defined specification? An employee’s personal characteristics can often be just as important as their qualifications and experience.

List tasks.

In general, it is best to use industry-standard job titles. However, what you expect from an accountant or a web developer may differ from what other companies expect. It would therefore be helpful to mention the day-to-day duties and responsibilities of your position to ensure that you hire someone to fill the position. A job description is used, among other things, to set expectations. It would therefore be helpful to state clearly what the job entails and not to over-sell the position.

9. Be clear about the compensation package.

Of course, candidates want to know what the pay and benefits are for the role you are promoting. So make sure you include all of the details of the compensation package in your job description. It is best to state the salary range rather than using a vague term such as “salary based on experience”. Don’t forget to include benefits like health insurance, paid vacation, life insurance, and retirement plans. Also, remember that being able to work from home is an attractive asset to many people.

10. Be precise.

The best way to write a job description is to keep it short. The above seems like much at first to fit into a short document. However, if you use short sentences and use bullets, you should get a job description of up to 500 words. Then you have to reduce the entire document to a few words to advertise your position on job boards or other publications.

11. Conclusion.

The key point to take out of the above is that a job description is a multi-purpose document. You want to attract the right people for the job. Even so, you don’t want to prevent too many people from applying by overly defining your requirements. You want to sell the role, but still have realistic expectations for the position.

Take the time to create job descriptions. Take into account the skills, qualifications, experience and personal characteristics of the ideal candidate and explain the company culture and aspects of the role. You will then attract applicants who meet your expectations and enjoy working in their new job.


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